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Photo Highlights of our Sydney Trip

We took a short trip to Sydney recently, since C had a Monday off, due to the Adelaide Cup. As always, C did all the research, and made all the reservations, while I erm, packed the luggage for Noah and myself. We stayed at the Meriton Serviced Apartments on Campbell Street, which was a great location, because it was a few minutes walk from places such as Chinatown, Paddy’s Market, World Square, and Darling Harbour. 

Happy to be flying off on another adventure


We spent our first day there just exploring the area around our hotel, and taking a long walk at Darling Harbour. Traveling with a toddler also meant that we took multiple breaks, went back to the hotel to rest frequently, and weren’t ambitious about trying to see or do too much. Even our sightseeing was split up over the entire period we were there, so that we could really enjoy the trip, rather than feel as though we were just ticking off a checklist.

Looking at all that water made him really thirsty, apparently 

Sydney (1 of 17)

Peace and calm 

Sydney (2 of 17)

The sights 

Darling Harbour (6 of 8)

Darling Harbour (8 of 8)

Miscellaneous (4 of 8)

Darling Harbour (7 of 8)

Sydney (10 of 17)

Sydney (9 of 17)

The iconic Sydney Opera House 

Sydney (11 of 17)

Sydney (12 of 17)

I was most amused to see that the ferry was called ‘Friendship’ 

Sydney (8 of 17)

Noah and the Sydney Opera House (Photo taken at the rooftop cafe of the Museum of Contemporary Art


Enjoying the beautiful day 

Sydney (2 of 2)

Sydney (1 of 2)

Colourful ATMs

Sydney (4 of 17)


Sydney (3 of 17)

Miscellaneous (3 of 8)

Miscellaneous (2 of 8)

Miscellaneous (1 of 8)

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