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Our New Reading Corner (Plus a Discount Code for the doob Plopsta’!)

One of our favourite pastimes is reading together, and I’ve been reading to Noah since he was an infant. These days, he’s able to pick out the books that he wants me to read, and on really good days, I find him flipping through books quietly by himself. We used to sit and read together on my nursing chair, but as he has grown much bigger, it’s quite tough for us both to squeeze together on it, and especially not for long periods. 

I started looking around for ways to create a simple, yet cozy reading corner for Noah, and my main priority was to get something that would allow both of us to sit comfortably together.  A friend gave us an Ikea Children’s armchair some time back, which Noah can climb into by himself, but he sometimes struggles to get out of it on his own. It also doesn’t allow us to sit together when we read, so it was definitely not a solution for us. I tried sitting with him on his playmat, but we didn’t have anything to lean back on, and it wasn’t comfortable at all.

I contemplated getting the Muji Legless Chair, but a friend of mine who has both the legless chair and a bean bag, told me that I should definitely go for a bean bag, as it is a lot more comfortable. Another friend suggested that we get a doob bean bag, so I surfed the website, and really liked what I saw. I fell in love with the doob Plopsta’, as it is really versatile, and was absolutely thrilled when the generous folks at doob sent over a doob medium Plopsta’ for us to try.

Delivery was really quick, and Noah got really excited when he saw the Plopsta’ all wrapped up, and kept asking me to open it. I guess he knows a good thing when he sees it!

I love their tagline: “Because your butt deserves better” 


The happy boy with the Plopsta’



A closer look at the Plopsta’ 

Bean Bag (2 of 5)

As a child, I secretly wanted a bean bag, because it looks so comfortable and fun, but my mum always told me that it would get dusty, and was too difficult to maintain. That didn’t seem like a problem to me back then, but now that I’m a parent, I have to consider the practical aspects of my purchases, rather than just focusing on the aesthetics. I found this article, How to Choose a Bean Bag, on the doob website, and was impressed by the efforts taken to ensure that the doob bean bags are comfortable, durable, and best of all, easy to clean.

The doob bean bags are produced in Singapore, and personally checked for defects by the doob staff, before they are shipped out. They are made with strong materials, Japanese rayon, waterproof polyester, and/or car-seat leather, ensuring that the bean bag won’t get leaky after a short period of use. The Plopsta’ can be wiped clean with a wet cloth, while the rayon bean bag covers are machine-washable. All doob bean bags are double-layered, which makes the outer layer removable for cleaning, and also prevents huge messes from occurring, when curious little fingers open the cover. In addition, doob bean bags use child-safe zips for their inner bags, which means your inner bag is sealed until you want to open it.

I got Noah to watch the doob instructional video with me, before trying out the doob Plopsta’ with him, and he couldn’t wait to try sitting on it. I plonked him into it, Throne style, and he sat there reading his book happily by himself.

Enjoying his new seat



We’ve had the doob Plopsta’ for slightly more than two months now, and are really loving it. Noah often disappears into his room, to “read” by himself on the Plopsta’, and I really like that he can climb on and off the bean bag safely, without requiring any help.

Picking out a book


Climbing onto the Plopsta’


“Reading” by himself





Sometimes, Noah decides to just roll around on the bean bag for fun, instead of reading. I think he finds it quite fun, as the shape of the bean bag shifts with his weight. I like lying there with him too, just cuddling him and talking to him for as long as he wants.

Rolling around 

Bean Bag (3 of 5)

We love our doob Plopsta’! 

Bean Bag (4 of 5)

Bean Bag (5 of 5)

Reading together is now a comfy affair with the doob Plopsta’, and our favourite ways of sitting on it are the Sofa, and the Saddle. What am I talking about? Check out our short homemade video, to see for yourself!

SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR READERS OF GROWING WITH THE TANS Want to get your own doob bean bag? If you’re based in Singapore, you can order the doob bean bags from Get doob, while international customers can get them from doob Bean Bags.

The kind folks at doob are offering a 15% discount off any plopsta’ bean bag ordered. Simply send an email to after placing your order online, mention “growingwiththetans”, and they’ll send a 15% rebate back. This promotion is valid till the end of October 2014, so do order your doob Plopsta’ as soon as possible!

 *We received the doob Plopsta’ for the purpose of this review. All photos, videos, and opinions are my own. 


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