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Our First Staycation at Village Hotel Changi

Ever since we came back from Australia, C has been swamped with work, which means we spend a lot less time together as a family. Even though he may be physically at home with us, he’s busy working, and it honestly feels as though I’m solo parenting again. Noah seems affected by this change too, and has been begging C to “stop working”

An overseas family holiday was out of the question, as C had way too much work to do, so the next best alternative was a staycation. We haven’t been on a staycation as a family before, because I used to think that it was a little silly splurging on a hotel room in Singapore, when we can just sleep at home. However, we discovered that there are some real value for money staycations available in Singapore, and one of them is Village Hotel Changi.

Village Hotel Changi

Changi Village Staycation (3 of 20)

Changi Village Staycation (2 of 20)


Easy access to a pool is one thing that we don’t have in our HDB flat, so I figured I should look for a hotel that had one suitable for Noah. Village Hotel Changi has two pools, one on the ground floor for more serious swimmers, and another on the rooftop, for those who just want to relax in the pool. The highlight of the rooftop infinity pool is definitely the view, as we very quickly discovered. Noah kept pointing at the planes that were flying by, on their descent into Changi Airport. One section of the infinity pool is also shallow enough for Noah to stand in, which was perfect, because he hasn’t gained enough confidence to try being in deeper pools, even with us holding him.

Checking out the pool

Changi Village Staycation (16 of 20)

Enjoying himself tremendously in the pool

Changi Village Staycation (17 of 20)

Changi Village Staycation (18 of 20)

Changi Village Staycation (20 of 20)

Look at the gorgeous view!

Changi Village Staycation (19 of 20)

As we were only staying for one night, I wanted to maximise our stay by checking-in to the hotel earlier. I called the hotel the night before, and the staff very kindly told me that she would put my early check-in request into the system, but I had to call again in the morning to check again. When I called at about 930am, I was delighted to hear that my request had been noted, and that we could check in whenever we wanted. Unfortunately, C had to get some last-minute work done, so we only made it to the hotel slightly before noon. (PS. The hotel provides free wifi, which is perfect if you’re a workaholic like C, or a social media addict like me.)

We had originally booked the Deluxe Room, but were upgraded to the Executive Club Room, which allowed us to enjoy the Executive Club Privileges, such as access to the Executive Club, located conveniently on the same floor as our room. Noah wasted no time in exploring the room, and was most amused when I put him into the bathtub. He loved the king-sized bed, and that night, he insisted on sleeping with us, and refused to sleep in the cot provided.

Executive Club Room

Changi Village Staycation (1 of 20)

Happiness is… being in a bathtub!


Pretending to sleep in the cot


Can I come out now, please?


How’s the weather this morning?


Perfect for exploring the area!


The hotel provides a complimentary one-hour bicycle rental, and there’s even a map provided in the lobby, highlighting the two different routes. We chose to go for a walk instead, and had a lovely time exploring this more rustic side of Singapore. We probably came across less than five families during our walk, which was definitely a nice change from going to the malls, or even the parks, because this area is still relatively quiet and peaceful.

Time to explore!


Changi Village Staycation (4 of 20)

Changi Village Staycation (5 of 20)

Changi Village Staycation (6 of 20)

Changi Village Staycation (7 of 20)

Changi Village Staycation (8 of 20)

Changi Village Staycation (9 of 20)


Changi Village Staycation (10 of 20)

Noah also loved the koi pond, which was just outside our room on level 6. He spent quite some time looking at the koi on Saturday evening, and couldn’t wait to feed them on Sunday morning, with the packet of fish food that the concierge gave him.

The koi

Changi Village Staycation (13 of 20)

Feeding the koi

Changi Village Staycation (14 of 20)

Changi Village Staycation (15 of 20)


One of the perks of staying at Village Hotel Changi is definitely the easy access to a wide variety of local food. We walked across to the Changi Village Hawker Centre for our meals, and even went to get some chicken wings from the nearby coffeeshop at 10pm for supper! The breakfast buffet spread was pretty decent, but if you’re craving some good local food in the morning, you might want to consider skipping the buffet, and heading to the hawker centre instead.

Breakfast Buffet at the Hotel

Changi Village Staycation (11 of 20)

Changi Village Staycation (12 of 20)

Changi Village Hawker Centre


The Famous Nasi Lemak Stall


Yummy Chicken Wings (from the first coffeeshop next to Village Hotel Changi)


We really enjoyed our short staycation at Village Hotel Changi, and I think we would definitely consider going for a longer stay the next time round, just so that we can enjoy the pool a little more. There’s also a lot more to explore around the hotel, such as the The Changi Museum, and Changi Beach Park. It was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and it really felt as though we were on a short holiday.

PS. Parking is complimentary for hotel guests, so you can drive out to the nearby malls if you feel the need to do some shopping, but honestly, there’s more than enough to do and see around the hotel itself.

Village Hotel Changi 1 Netheravon Road Singapore 508502 Tel: 6379 7111 More information and deals can be found on this website.

*We were invited for this staycation at Village Hotel Changi. All photos and opinions are our own. 


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