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Our First Pottery Class at Gallery Kollekan

N hasn’t started school yet, so I thought it would be fun for him to try something new during this long holiday period. I came across a Gallery Kollekan pamphlet some time back, so I showed it to N, and he was keen to try it out.

All about Gallery Kollekan

I contacted them via WhatsApp to ask about the minimum age requirement (5 years old), and was glad to learn that lessons can be conducted in English, since our Bahasa standard is still really low.

Our driver had no trouble finding the place, as it’s easy to locate using Google Maps or Waze. (Look out for a white wall with black wording painted on it. It’s a relatively small shop, with sufficient parking space for maybe 2-3 cars.)

We were the only two students that day (maximum class size is about 6), so we had the luxury of having a teacher each. First, Ibu Wati gave us a brief introduction to the different types of pottery techniques, and showed us different types of clay products. N was rather distracted by all the different items placed around the room, so I don’t think he really heard much of whatever she was saying, but I thought it was quite educational.

The classroom at the back of the shop

Ibu Wati showing us the different clay items we could make

Clay without air bubbles

Since we were complete beginners, Ibu Wati recommended that we started with the pinching method. N chose to work on a fish, while I opted to make bowls (because I’m boring practical like that). Pak Andi helped N a lot with his fish, and even made a cat and an elephant for him after that, while Ibu Wati guided me in making a simple bowl, followed by a bowl with a fish on its rim. Both teachers were really patient and encouraging, which helped the 2 hours to pass really quickly.

Learning from Pak Andi

Painting his fish

All done!

I also learnt how to make and attach a coil to the bottom of my bowl to make its base. The coil and the bottom of the bowl both had to be scratched before a bit of water to added to moisten the clay, then after the coil is attached to the bowl, I had to blend the clay so that the two items would stick together, and everything would be smooth. Interesting!


Brushing some water onto the scratched area


My fish bowl

With our “masterpieces”

We now have to wait about a week or so for our pieces to dry, before returning to paint and/or glaze them. After that, I think they’ll have to be dried again, before being put into the oven for 8-10 hours. It’ll probably be quite some time before we can bring the finished products home, and we’re definitely looking forward to doing so. N has asked to go back again to make more items, so we shall see if we can squeeze in a couple more lessons before he starts school.

If you’re keen to learn how to work with clay, do give Gallery Kollekan a call or send them a WhatsApp message to book your lessons. You can also check out their IG (kollekan_keramik) for more photos and details.

Gallery Kollekan Jl. Abdul Majid No.15 Cipete Utara Jakarta Selatan Tel: 0217694543 WhatsApp: 0816840459

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