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Our Bali Accommodation Part Two: Uma Sapna Seminyak

We had heard many good things about the Uma Sapna villas from our friends, and were really looking forward to our stay there. It wasn’t exactly easy to spot the tiny lane leading to the villas, but all the local Seminyak taxi drivers we met seemed to know it, and once we got to the villas, it was as though we had arrived in a completely different world. Everything looked so clean and well-maintained, which contrasted greatly with most of the Seminyak streets.

The lane actually divides the Uma Sapna premises into two, with the Reception, spa, and some villas on one side, and the common pool, art gallery, and more villas on the other. As our villa was across the road from the Reception, this was the view that greeted us once we entered the compounds.

Lush greenery

Uma Sapna 2

A short walk later, we arrived at our villa, tucked away at the very end. I couldn’t remember our villa’s name throughout our stay, and thus decided to take a photo of it on our last day.

Welcome to Halmahera!

Uma Sapna 4

I loved the private swimming pool, and it was really such a pity that Noah was unwell, or we would have made much better use of it during our stay. This was the one thing I was looking forward to doing with Noah, and we had packed a brand-new pack of disposable swim diapers, as well as both his swim floats, in anticipation. In the end, the little boy got to swim in the private pool only once. I was very reluctant to even let him swim that day, but it was scorching hot, and C assured me that the water was warm enough. Noah had lots of fun splashing around, as C brought him on a couple of laps. We took turns getting him to ‘chase’ us in the pool, which he really enjoyed, judging from the glint in his eyes and cheeky smile. No photos though, because we were too busy having fun as a family.

We stayed in the one-bedroom deluxe villa with private swimming pool, because all the other smaller ones were fully booked during that period. Look at how huge it is! Its total area is larger than our home’s, I kid you not. There was a fridge with a tiny freezer in it, and the staff kindly loaned us a microwave oven as well, because I had initially planned to bring frozen porridge cubes over for Noah’s meals. They also provided a playpen/cot, complete with a pillow, two bolsters, and a mosquito net, though Noah ended up sleeping in our bed again. We also asked for a high-chair, which allowed Noah to join us for breakfast. The high-chair was put to good use as as he often sat next to the pool in it, to get a bit of sun, and to watch Daddy swim.

The Villa

Uma Sapna 1

Look at the gorgeous pool!

Uma Sapna 3

Hello, Daddy!

Uma Sapna 5

Playing happily (for five seconds) in the playpen

Uma Sapna 6

We enjoyed the breakfast at Uma Sapna quite a bit, even though it wasn’t the usual buffet spread. Each night, we would pore over the breakfast menu, selecting what we wanted to eat the next morning, before leaving it outside our villa. There was a good selection of food and drinks, and we could even specify what time we wanted the food to be delivered. We tried the banana pancakes, scrambled eggs, and fried noodles, all of which were yummy.

I really wanted to go for some massages while we were in Bali, but didn’t quite know how we would manage that, with a baby in tow. We had a massage each in The Westin, and managed to squeeze in a massage and facial each at Uma Sapna too. I had mine in our villa, because they didn’t have enough massage rooms in their spa (a larger spa is being built at the moment, according to one of the therapists), and that worked out well for us because Mr Separation Anxiety (Noah, not C) could be in the same room as me. C brought him out to sit by the pool for a while, though he started fussing towards the end, and had to be brought in to stare at me having my facial. I also had a short foot reflexology session before C had his massage in the spa, and Noah had quite a bit of fun playing with the massage therapist.

Giggling away

Uma Sapna 7

If you’re thinking of staying in Uma Sapna, the website offers various promotions, so you can get quite a good deal if you book early. Also, when you are there, we recommend taking a cab in and out of the villa. The roads are really narrow, and traffic can get a little crazy. We walked back to the villa from lunch one day, and found it quite a challenge, especially with the blistering heat. It’s a short drive away from Seminyak Square and all the restaurants, so you only have to pay the minimum IDR 20,000 or 25,000 for calling a cab.

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