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Online Shopping – Jam and Muffin Christmas Sale!

I used to love shopping for the perfect Christmas gift. I’d spend hours walking around malls, spotting several items that I thought would be good for certain family members or friends and KIV-ing them for some time before making my purchase, because I’m extremely indecisive so that I could be absolutely sure that they were the best possible gifts (within my budget of course) for the specific people.

Last year, I couldn’t do that as we had just found out that I was pregnant and required plenty of bed rest. This year. HA. I consider it a productive day, shopping wise, if I could just sit in front of my laptop for half an hour of online shopping! I’ve found some good gifts so far, and being the ‘auntie’ that I am, I love good deals and will always try to share them with everyone. So here’s one!

Jam and Muffin (no, they do not literally sell jams and muffins) has a good range of items suitable for babies/toddlers/children. I just bought a Dingaring teether for Noah, even though he hasn’t started teething yet. There are so many cute designs that I had a lot of trouble trying to decide which one to get! I was also very attracted to their Mother’s Corn utensils, since we are going to start Noah on solids soon. I’m really looking forward to reviewing these items at a later date, once we receive the items and try them out.

In the meantime, in the spirit of Christmas, I just wanted to share this website with those of you still shopping for gifts for your little ones. Almost everything is on sale, and best of all, there’s free local delivery via normal Singpost, regardless of the amount you spend. Do check Jam and Muffin out ya? 🙂

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