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Nursing Room Review: Raffles City

We visited the Baby Care Room on Level 3 of Raffles City Shopping Centre some time ago but I just haven’t gotten around to reviewing it until now.

RC Baby Care Room 1

Facilities: 3.5/5

I liked that it has a separate nursing room inside, giving nursing mums some much needed privacy, while allowing others to use the four changing stations outside.

The Nursing Room


There were two wooden chairs, a few shelves, and two power sockets. I felt that the power sockets were a tad high, but there was a lady expressing her milk in the room before I went in, so I guess the height isn’t that much of a problem.

Inside the nursing room


Changing Stations


Each station had a roll of toilet paper conveniently located directly below it, together with a bin.



There’s also a cushioned bench outside the nursing room, where I sat to wait for the room to become available. A simple Ikea high chair can be found next to the bench, if you want to feed your toddler.

Waiting Area


The washing area is very simple, with just a sink, soap dispenser, and paper towel holder. This is the first Baby Care Room that I’ve visited that doesn’t have a hot water dispenser.

Washing Area


Cleanliness: 3.5/5

The furniture in general is rather old and in need of a fresh coat of paint, which makes the whole room look rather grubby. There were stains on the walls and upholstery, adding to the general impression that this room needs a makeover. The floor was dry, though the sink area wasn’t.


This room satisfies your basic needs of having a private nursing room, and a few changing stations. However, it could do with at least one more nursing room, as there seems to be quite a few mummies who use it to express their milk. I visited the mall on a weekday morning, and I suspect the demand for the nursing room will be much higher on weekends. It could also do with a fresh coat of paint, and perhaps, some new furniture that doesn’t look like it’s been there for ten years.

What bothered me a little was the young cleaning lady who came into the Baby Care room to take a break. I was clearly trying to get my baby to sleep by patting him and singing, but she started trying to make conversation with me, and very loudly at that. I gave her a polite smile and very short answers, so she got the hint after a while. Or so I thought. She proceeded to make a call on her hand phone, and chattered away loudly, while leaning comfortably on the changing stations. I’m not saying that she shouldn’t be taking a break, but I feel that she should be more considerate. If I were nursing the baby in the room, I think he would have been rather distracted by the amount of noise she was making too.

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