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Noah’s First Haircut

After plenty of nagging reminders from my mum, we finally brought Noah for his first ever haircut. 

C had his first haircut in Adelaide at a shop in Chinatown, called Sogo, and was traumatised by his experience. Apparently, the lady grabbed an electric shaver and shaved off a huge chunk of his hair, before he could even tell her his preferred cut. I had a good laugh at him when he returned, because he looked so, erm, young. Like an army boy with a bad haircut.

After that, we read some good reviews online about another hairdresser near our place, called Cinderella Hair, run by Korean hairdressers. C tried it out first, and was pleased with his haircut, so I booked my appointment with Daniel, the male hairdresser recommended by the online forum we read. We both agreed that the service and general experience was pretty positive, and decided to bring Noah there for his first haircut.

What’s going on? 


Before: The ‘mohawk’ 


Halfway through… 


I this his expression here is quite funny


Noah got nervous when I sat on the chair without him initially, and asked to be carried, which was the plan anyway. However, when the hairdresser, Katy, placed the towel around his neck, he started shaking his head, and tried to tug it off. I had to hold his hands down and sing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ to him, while she secured the larger sheet around him.

First haircut, Part 1

The little boy was close to tears at a few points during his haircut, when Katy had to hold his head down to trim off the scraggly bits at the back and sides, and when she used the hairdryer. To her credit, Katy would hum along with me as I sang to calm him down, and when she had to wet his hair, she tried to make the experience more fun, by spraying it like a mist over us, rather than directly on his head. Whenever he started whining or turned his head to look at her, she would stop trimming his hair immediately, put her scissors behind her back, and smile sweetly at him.

First haircut, Part 2

Just when we thought we had survived the haircut without any tears, Noah started bawling, because Katy had to push him head down firmly, to use the electric shaver on his nape. He also squirmed, which caused Katy to make a mistake, and she had to spend even longer than expected, to tidy it up. Noah was inconsolable by then, and even ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ couldn’t stop the waterworks.

Back view 


Side profile 


Front view of his new look 


I think Katy did a pretty good job of tidying up his hair, don’t you? He looks a bit more grown-up to me now, and I do wish I had thought of asking for a lock of his hair to keep, as a memento from his first haircut.

Cinderella Hair 1/20 Leigh Street, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia +61 8 8212 5224


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