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Noah and Two Japanese Girls

Remember Noah and a Pretty Aussie Lady in Melbourne? This time round, he met TWO Japanese girls, right here in Adelaide. The girls were at the grass patch near our place, and we often bring Noah there to run around for a while. 

The girl on the left doesn’t seem very interested in me. Must.get.her.attention.


*Pointing at random object* Look! Hmmm. She’s still not looking at me. 


I’ll get her attention by pointing directly at her. That’ll work. 


Why is she holding my hand? I wanted a hug… 


Okay, I’m going to just go for it, and hug her on my own! Who’s going to say no to a baby, right? 



Entertaining two girls is too tiring. I need a nap! 


For the record, Noah really did run up to the girls to play with them, on his own accord. He surprised all of us by going to hug the girl suddenly, and without any prompting. He refused to hug the other girl though, when she asked to hug him. I have no idea what’s going on in this boy’s head, even though I made up all these captions!

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