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Nap? What nap?

Say hello to Mr ‘I-refuse-to-take-a-nap’, everyone!

The little man refused to sleep last night as well, keeping us up till past 2am and waking me up at 4am and again at 7am for his feeds. I was so tired that I forgot to change his diaper at 4am and was horrified to see his overflowing diaper at 7am. I’m a terrible mummy! 🙁

This afternoon, I tried getting him to take a nap and spent five hours nursing, patting and just holding him. And he still looked like this:

Each time he falls asleep while nursing, I think, ‘Yay! At last!’ but once I try to put him in his cot, his eyes will spring wide open and the wails begin within a minute. I even tried putting him on our bed, next to me, but he would still wake up after a few minutes. The paediatrician told us yesterday not to let him sleep on his tummy anymore due to the risk of SIDS but I confess that after five hours, I caved and put him on his tummy after he fell asleep on my chest. And he slept! Thank God! Now to see if he will sleep well tonight… I don’t know how many more sleepless nights I can take!

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