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Mother’s Day Lunch at La Villa

C surprised me by bringing us to La Villa for my very first Mother’s Day lunch on Saturday. I loved the beautiful setting, and was not surprised to hear from the wait staff that it’s a popular wedding venue. Situated in the former River Valley Primary School, it has a large open field outside, where a bouncy castle sat invitingly, near the al fresco dining area. We were told that the Sunday brunch is very popular as well, because the kids can play freely outside while their parents enjoy their food and wine.

The Pretty Waiting Area 

Waiting Area

Cozy Interior 

La Villa Interior 2

La Villa Interior 3

Al Fresco Dining Area 

La Villa Exterior

The Menu 

La Villa Cover

Bread to share 


The bread was nice and warm when it was served to us, and I had to make a conscious effort not to finish it all up. We decided to share the Cream of Mushroom Soup ($16) for our starter, as I didn’t want to be too full for dessert. To be perfectly honest, I’ve had better ones before, and we kinda regretted ordering it instead of the Portobello Mushrooms instead. The soup had some unidentifiable lumps (no, I don’t think they were mushrooms) in it, and I couldn’t quite decide if it was MEANT to be lumpy that way.

Cream of Mushroom Soup 

Mushroom Soup

C ordered the Linguini in White Wine sauce with Clams, Prawns and fresh Parsley (S $22 , L $28) while I had the Capellini with Lobster Ragout ‘Sardinia’ style (S $26, L $32). I found C’s pasta too light, perhaps because I had already eaten some of my own pasta, while he found my dish too rich. I enjoyed the rich tomato-based sauce of the Capellini, though the lobster was a tad too mushy for our liking. C thought the Linguini was relatively well done, with just the right amount of sauce and ingredients. Don’t get me wrong, they were both good dishes, just that we’ve had better pasta at some other restaurants.

Linguini in White Wine sauce 




For us, the best part of our meal was the dessert, which we also shared. The Cioccolata ($15), which is the Hot Dark Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream, was nice and hot, a perfect pairing with the vanilla ice-cream. Unfortunately, Noah was tired by then, and we had to rush through the dessert.


Molten Lava Cake

Because the dessert took 15 minutes to prepare, C had time to take some really nice shots of the restaurant. Check out the wood-fire oven!

La Villa Oven

The other dishes in their rather extensive menu look quite appealing, so we’ll probably head back there another day to try them out!

Our Little Family celebrating my first Mother’s Day! 

The Tans


La Villa 

341 River Valley Road #01-03 Singapore 238372

Tel: 6836 5286 (Call ahead for reservations, as they might be closed for an event.)


PS. Happy Mother’s Day, to all mothers and mothers-to-be!

Noah Collage
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