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Make Your Own Refreshing Fruit Infused Water

The weather has been really hot in Adelaide, (think temperatures of 40 to 46 degrees) and to cool down, I’ve been making some fruit infused water for all of us. 

Back in Singapore, I tried some of these fruit infused waters and enjoyed them quite a bit, so since we live within walking distance of the Central Market here, I thought I’d make some of these drinks again. Plus, strawberries are so cheap here, and I definitely wanted to take advantage of that. I also thought that it might be a good way to get more vitamins into Noah, since he’s such a fussy eater.

So far, I’ve done two different fruit infused waters here in Adelaide, and will probably repeat them till we get tired of them, before trying something new. C says I added too much lemon/lime in the second one, so I probably need to use just half of each, the next time I make it.

Update: I tried making lemon, lime, and strawberry infused water last night, and cut the lemon and lime into thicker slices, so that they won’t be as intense. So far, I think it tastes pretty good, though I have no idea what health properties this concoction has.

Strawberry and kiwi 


Cucumber, lemon, and lime 


I read a post some time back about the types of fruits to use, and the health benefits of them, but I can’t find that post now. Good thing I had the foresight to take a photo of it, and I’ve typed it out here, for easy reference in the future. The first three can be kept in the fridge, while the last should be drunk at room temperature. You can keep adding water to the fruit in your bottle, but do note that it is recommended that you keep the drinks for a maximum of 48 hours only.IngredientsHealth Benefits Strawberry, and kiwiImproves cardiovascular health, protects immune system, regulates blood sugar, and aids digestionCucumber, lemon, and limeManages water weight, as well as aids with bloating, appetite control, hydration, and digestionGreen tea, mint, and limeFat-burning, eases headaches and congestions, freshens breath, and aids with digestionLemon, lime, and orange (room temperature)Boosts vitamin C levels and immune system, eases heartburn, and aids digestion

I noticed that lime features in all four recipes, so I did a quick search and found this article on the health benefits of lime. There are many other recipes and articles available online, on the benefits of drinking fruit infused water, such as this one which offers suggestions on fruit infused drinks for detox, so happy experimenting, and enjoy your refreshing drinks!

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