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Make Your Own Overnight Oats

We’ve frequently been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but not many of us bother to prepare a healthy breakfast for ourselves. I usually buy a loaf of bread, and have my bread with either peanut butter or nutella, but C doesn’t enjoy having bread very much, and usually rushes off to work in the mornings without breakfast. In a bid to have a healthier start to our day, I was inspired by Mum in the Making’s post to make my own version of the overnight oats. 

The ingredients were easily found at the supermarket and I found a cheap glass jar at Kmart. After preparing the oats in the glass jar, I decided to try making the overnight oats in a plastic container instead, so that it would be easier for C to bring it to work, and to my delight, it worked just as well.

Ingredients The main ingredients are actually the rolled oats, greek yogurt, and milk. Just add your favourite fruits and nuts to it before popping the jar or container into the fridge. You can also add some fresh fruits, such as strawberries or bananas, just before serving it in the morning. 

Rolled oats (You can also try organic rolled oats or gluten free rolled oats) Fruit and nut mix (I got a low cholesterol mix from the supermarket, but you can try this wild berry mix or antioxidant super star mix) Chia seeds Cranberries Diced peaches / lychees / longans (Any fruit you like should be fine) Greek yogurt* (I got the honey-flavoured one, instead of adding honey separately) Honey (You can get honey-flavoured greek yogurt instead) Milk

*In Singapore, I use normal yogurt, but I particularly like the brand ‘Thick and Creamy’ for this, and usually get the vanilla-flavoured one.

Some of the above items are linked to iHerb, and you can get USD10 off your first iHerb purchase of above USD40, by using the discount code DRM056. Purchases below USD 40 will receive USD5 off. 




1. Put your dry ingredients in the jar or container. Give it a good shake or stir to mix everything up nicely. 2. Add the greek yogurt and milk to the mixture. Add more yogurt if you want the oats to be creamier. 3. Stir to ensure that there is enough liquid for the mixture, and add more yogurt or milk if necessary. 4. Put the jar or container into the fridge overnight. (You can keep it in the fridge for up to three days.) 5. Serve in the morning, for a healthy breakfast!



I’m not a fan of oats actually, but I really like this! It’s so easy to prepare, and tastes so good. I’ve made about three batches of this so far, and although each batch can be kept for up to three days, we usually finish it within one or two days. I’ve been eating it as a snack too, and it’s definitely healthier than snacking on chips or cookies. C enjoys it too, and even brought it to work with him for breakfast, so I’m glad that we’re both trying to have healthier breakfasts on some days, at least.

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