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Little Snacks for Little Boys

Ever since Noah fell ill and vomited some time ago, it has been a real struggle getting him to eat. He wasn’t really into solids to begin with, but things became much worse. He only wanted to be nursed, and would push the spoon angrily away if I tried to feed him with it.

One day, my god-brother-in-law (can you have so many hyphens?) offered Noah a grape, and to our surprise, he actually opened his mouth to eat it! That started a period of the grapefruit grape diet, consisting of milk, grapes, and water only. We slowly introduced a bit of apple, banana, and pear, which he ate tiny bits of, but we were just thankful that he was open to eating SOMETHING.

Then, I decided to give him some Gerber Graduates Banana Puffs, as well as Apple Happy Puffs, and he really enjoyed those! He doesn’t want to feed himself though, and only eats them if we put them into his mouth, but again, at least he’s eating! C asked me to keep track of the number of puffs I fed Noah daily, but I think that’s an impossible task for someone who is as mathematically-challenged as I am. 😛

I’ve tried boiling some porridge in pork stock for him, but he gave me the ‘what on earth is this?’ look when I managed to spoon a bit of it into his mouth. He spat out most of it, rubbed his face frantically, and whined a lot, so I guess he’s not quite ready for that yet.

I am thankful that Noah is finally eating again, albeit in small quantities. I don’t know how healthy it is for him to be eating only fruits and puffs, but I think it is an achievement in itself that he’s eating. I am also thankful that Noah still enjoys having milk, and that I can still nurse him.

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