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Lighting Up the Dark with the Philips Disney Night Light

Noah has been co-sleeping with us for quite some time now, and because we’ll be moving back to Singapore really soon, we’ve been thinking of ways to move him back to his own bed. He’ll still be in the same room as us, just not quite within kicking range, which would allow us to get some proper rest at night.

We were invited to attend the pyjama-themed Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting launch some time back, and were thrilled to see so many cute and innovative lights available. Noah ADORED the SoftPals, and couldn’t keep his hands off them. The SoftPals are switched on and off by tilting them, and were rubbery and soft, unlike other night lights I’ve seen. Initially, I was worried that they would get too hot for Noah to hold, but he had no problems cuddling them, and I learnt that they were made with LED lights, making them cool to the touch, regardless of how long they’ve been switched on.

Hello, Minnie Mouse!


Would you like to sit next to me, Mike?


Reading with the SoftPals


We were also introduced to the Philips Disney Projector Lights, Philips Disney Night Lights, and Philips Disney Torch Lights, all of which used LED lights as well. I thought it was very clever that these lights came with the children’s favourite characters, as parents would have no trouble at all introducing the lights into bed-time routines. We heard from four children on how these different lights have helped them to sleep better at night, and their candid sharing gave me some ideas on how to help Noah move back to his own bed.

Philips Disney SoftPals Mike and Sulley (also available in Mickey and Minnie, $72.90 each) 


Philips Disney Projector Lights ($38.90 each) 




Philips Disney Night Lights ($24.90 each) 


Philips Disney Torch Lights ($19.90 each)



Noah’s latest bed-time routine includes running around the bedroom and hiding from us. One night, he decided to climb off the bed to follow C to the toilet, and as he was running back to the bedroom, C switched off the light, and we heard a sudden, loud thump, followed by two seconds of complete silence, and then a loud wail (from Noah, not C).

By the time we switched the light back on, we saw Noah lying on the floor, and crying. We had no idea where he had bumped himself, and it was only until the next morning that we noticed the bruise on his right cheek. Our guess is that Noah became disoriented when the light was switched off, couldn’t see where he was going, and fell face first onto the corner of the bed.

A few days later, we received the Philips Disney Winnie the Pooh Night Light, and even though it’s not really meant to be a portable guide light, like the Philips Disney SoftPals, we’ve been carrying it around as one, to help Noah find his way around in the dark.



Noah was quite intrigued by the night light, especially because the motion sensor switches the light on with a single movement, and he had a lot of fun playing with it. “Light! On! No more! Light! On! No more!” He carries it happily around with him at night, and runs around with ease in the dark, because he can now see where he’s going. Even though the night light is pretty light (in weight), I’m impressed by how hardy it is. Noah has dropped it numerous times, from various heights, and on different surfaces, yet the light is still working well. That’s definitely a big plus point in my opinion!



He also enjoyed staring at the picture on the night light, pointing out the various characters and items that he can see. “Owl! Tree! Leaf! Bear!” Although the light is pretty bright, the glare isn’t really noticeable, as Noah can stare comfortably at it for long periods.



C also taught him new ways to play with the night light, and he learnt that holding it under his face would make him look ‘scary’. He then went around holding it under our faces and exclaiming ‘scary’! (Photo was taken in the dark, for extra effect.)


Who is he supposed to be?


Iron Man, of course!


We also tested out the Philips Disney Night Light when Noah was asleep. I don’t know about you, but I’m a pretty paranoid mum, so I often check on Noah while he sleeps, to make sure that he’s still breathing. It’s easy to do so when he’s taking a nap in a brightly-lit room during the day, but at night, I don’t want to switch on the room’s light, for fear that the overwhelming brightness would wake him up. I spend quite some time shining the light from my phone on him, to try and spot the rise and fall of his little chest, and when that doesn’t work, and I decide to risk waking him up by placing my hand on his chest, or prodding him a little, just so I don’t go crazy wondering if he’s okay.

Enter the Philips Disney Night Light.


It can be placed right next to Noah, and I can switch it on easily by moving near it. The light isn’t bright enough to wake him up, and also switches itself off automatically after 10 to 15 seconds, which gives me sufficient time to check on him. If only they had this light two years ago! I could have avoided waking up a sleeping baby on so many occasions, I tell you.




Apart from using the Philips Disney Night Light as a toy to check on Noah, I’ve been using it as my own personal guide light (since we don’t have the SoftPal). It is extremely useful when I need to leave the bedroom as quietly as possible at night, and prevents me from stepping on random toys strewn on the floor, or bumping into the bed when I return. I think this light would also come in handy when Noah is toilet-trained, and needs to go to the toilet at night, as switching on the bedroom light might cause him to be too wide awake to go back to sleep after that.

The Philips Disney Night Light can also be mounted on the wall, which means you can choose to line the wall with them, lighting up the way to the toilet, without having to manually switch the lights on and off, because they have motion sensors. The lights are battery-operated, so you won’t have any messy wires to deal with at all.

I think this new range of Philips Disney lights will be a sure hit with parents and children alike, and would make excellent gifts for all occasions. Keen to get one of the Philips Disney SoftPals, Projector Lights, Night Lights, or Torch Lights? You can shop online here (with free delivery), or purchase them at selected departmental, and mother and childcare stores. If you have the UOB card, you can get a 15% discount on the lights, by entering the discount code UOB15 at checkout on the Philips website.

We received the Philips Disney Night Light and Torch Light for this post. All opinions and photos are my own. 


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