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Let There Be Light: 3M Polarizing Task Light LED5000

We were invited to attend the launch of 3M’s Polarizing Task Light LED5000 recently, and I learnt more about lights during that session than I ever did in my Physics lessons in school! For example, did you know that your table lamp should always be placed on the opposite side of your master hand, to prevent your hand’s shadow from obscuring your view of your document? C claims that it’s common sense, but erm, I obviously seem to lack common sense then, because I was one of the few who chose to place the lamp on the same side as my master hand. Oops. 

C’s quiz

3M Products (2 of 10)

The LED5000’s touch sensor panel 

3M Products (1 of 10)

I also learnt that brightness levels are measured in illuminance (lux), not watts, which measure power consumption levels. The higher the wattage level, the more power and energy will be used. I always thought that more watts mean that the light will be brighter! As we grow older, we become more susceptible to glare, but we will also require more light to complete the same task as we did previously, so it is important that we look for glare-free lighting whenever possible.

We were asked to complete a simple quiz to determine our lighting profile, and both of us fell into the “Commander of Darkness” category, ie we prefer to read or write with as little light as possible. C’s astigmatism is rather high, so poor lighting will just make things worse for him. What I was more concerned about actually, is that although astigmatism is mainly hereditary, it may also be a result of environmental factors, such as inadequate ambient lighting. This means that to prevent Noah from developing astigmatism at an early age, we need to ensure that he has sufficient ambient lighting, and uses a task light when he is reading or doing his work.

The 3M Polarizing Task Light LED5000 features the 3M™ Polarizing Light Filter which reduces glare, and has five levels of brightness, ranging from 90 to 880 lux, easily adjusted via the touch sensor panel.

See the difference in glare when the 3M™ Polarizing Light Filter is used? 

Source: 3M

I also really like the fact that the LED5000 is very sleek and modern looking. When not in use, it can be closed fully for a compact, minimalistic look, and you won’t even know that it’s actually a lamp! LED lights don’t heat up like the traditional lights, so this is perfectly safe around young children, even after many hours of use.

Noah working on his puzzle, with the help of the LED5000 

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Doesn’t look like a table lamp at all!

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Caught playing with the LED5000

3M Products (5 of 10)

It’s so light!

3M Products (6 of 10)

Even though the only kind of work that Noah does now is erm, colouring and playing with his puzzles, I still think that it is important that we provide him with the proper task lighting right from the beginning, to protect his eyes. I’m so glad that we were able to attend the launch, and learn so much about lights, because we now know the importance of task lighting, even when we are working on our laptops, or reading on our mobile phones. Thanks for the invite, 3M!

The 3M LED5000 Polarizing Task Light is now available in two colours, Sleek White and Jet Black, to comfortably illuminate with style. It retails at $239 (with GST) and is available at Best Denki, Popular Bookstores, and other leading retailers. 

*We were invited to the launch of the LED5000, and given the black LED5000 seen in the photos with Noah, for the purpose of this review. All photos used are my own, unless otherwise stated, and all opinions are, as always, my own. 


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