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Jump Till You Drop at Houbii Urban Adventure Park

Houbii Urban Adventure Park opened recently, and after hearing good things about it from our neighbour, we decided to bring N down to check it out on Sunday afternoon. We heard that it can get quite crowded in the early afternoon, so we went down around 430pm. The crowd thinned significantly around 6pm, so if you prefer a smaller crowd, you can try going around that time. Getting there was easy enough, as it is next to Pondok Indah Mall, and there was sufficient parking space too.

N was super excited when we entered, and couldn’t wait to start jumping on the trampolines. There are the usual black trampolines, which anyone can use, while the high performance trampolines and airbag have a minimum height requirement of 1.1m, which N did not meet. The safety rules are clearly stated at each station, and there are many staff members at the various zones keeping a tight watch on everyone. When N tried to sneak onto the coloured trampolines, the alert staff spotted him very quickly, and asked us politely to bring him to the other play areas instead. Personally, I was impressed with the staff there, as they were actively trying to keep everyone safe, yet polite about it. One of them even took it upon himself to teach N how to jump safely, and to do more “stunts”, which I thought was really nice.

Ready to jump!

Learning from the staff

Mummy was too chicken to jump with the babies

The three boys had fun bouncing and jumping!

There are nine main play areas: Rope Course, Foam Pit, Ninja Course, Free Run, Dodge Ball, Slam Dunk Course, Air Bag, Extreme Slide, and Main Court. N was too short for the Free Run, Slam Dunk Course, and Air Bag, and he didn’t want to try the Rope Course, Dodge Ball (which looked way too violent for him),or the Extreme Slide, but he had more than enough things to do there, and refused to leave even after 1.5 hours.

The Rope Course looked complicated, but our neighbour told us that it was quite doable, and he felt safe doing the course, as the harness was secured well. N wanted to try it when we were leaving, so maybe we’ll let him try it the next time we visit.

Rope Course

The Foam Pit has a rock-climbing wall, and I saw many people scaling the wall, then free-falling into the foam pit below. The younger kids seemed to like this area quite a bit, and had lots of fun jumping into the foam pit from the three platforms.

Foam Pit

The Ninja Course looked more suitable for older children, since you need to have long enough legs to go through it, but N spent quite a bit of time here too. He wasn’t able to complete the course properly, or in the “right” way, but he improvised, and more importantly, he had fun.

Ninja Course

Our friend told us that the trampolines here were high performance ones, and allow you to bounce higher. It looked really fun, and I wish I took a video of him doing tricks on it!

Free Run

I heard a lot of shouting at the Dodge Ball area, and a staff member was there acting as the referee, whistling loudly if play got too rough. The participants seemed to be having a lot of fun, and I thought it was a good idea to incorporate a team sport in this trampoline park.

Dodge Ball

If you prefer to play individually, you can hone your basketball skills at the Slam Dunk Course. Nothing like scoring a slam dunk to make you feel like a star, right?

Slam Dunk Course

The giant Air Bag looked quite inviting, but surprisingly, not many people played on it, perhaps because there were so many other play areas around. N sneaked onto it, but was too light to bounce properly on it. He was too short for it anyway, and was quickly ushered off the air bag by the staff.

Air Bag

This was the only area that I noticed the safety rules being flouted, but I don’t really think it was the fault of the staff stationed there. Participants were told to cross their arms in front of their chests, but once they zoomed down, they let their arms flail about, and one girl seemed to have gotten a little injured. She got up and walked away after a while, so I don’t think she was badly hurt. Having said that, it looked like a really scary slide, since it’s almost vertical, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to muster up the courage to try it.

Extreme Slide

The main course had more than enough trampolines for everyone to bounce on, and N spent most of his time bouncing from one trampoline to another. It was his first time at a trampoline park, so he hadn’t learnt how to bounce higher or do tricks, but I think he’ll get the hang of it after a few more visits. He has already asked when we can go again, and I foresee him wanting to spend many more weekends there.

Part of the Main Course

Houbii Urban Adventure Park is housed in a rather large warehouse, and entry is staggered (every 15 minutes), with a 2-hour time limit for each customer, which helps to prevent overcrowding. To save time, you should purchase your tickets online HERE, and complete the waiver form HERE. You’ll need to book your time slot, so do make sure you can get there on time. Houbii socks can be purchased at IDR 20,000 at the counter, if you forget to bring your own. Do note that you need socks to enter the park, even if you’re not going to do any jumping.

Price List

******* Houbii Urban Adventure Park Address: Jl. Metro Pondok Indah Blok 3, Pondok Pinang, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Contact Number: +62 21 27654571 Website: Opening Hours: Monday: 14:00-22:00 | Tuesday-Thursday: 10:00-22:00 | Friday-Sunday & Public Holiday: 09.00-23.00

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