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Introducing… Shangri-La’s ‘Family Stays for Free’ Staycation

We had a really relaxing, albeit short, staycation recently, at none other than Shangri-La Singapore, where we had a wonderful time during C’s birthday staycation last year. Even though it was our second staycation there, we still had a really good time, and Noah was so disappointed when we had to check-out the next day! I think if he had his way, we would LIVE in the hotel, but then again, I think nobody would mind living in such a beautiful place!

Because the staycation began on a Friday, Noah got to skip school that day, and I requested for a slightly earlier check-in time, so that he could take his usual nap in the hotel. We got there at about 1pm, but our room wasn’t quite ready yet, so we adjourned to Shang Palace for lunch. The dim sum was excellent, and Noah in particular, really liked the cod fish, and finished almost the entire serving on his own.

Clockwise from Top Left: Har Gow & Lobster Dumpling; Pan-Fried Chilli Crab Buns; Cod Fish on Egg White; Mixed Vegetables & Siew Mai with Baby Abalone


Yay! Ee-Fu Noodles!


When we headed up to our room after lunch, we were pleasantly surprised to see that we had gotten the exact same room as we did during our staycation last year! Talk about coincidence, huh? Noah took off his sandals at top speed, and ran happily into the room, exclaiming, “Wow! Wow! So nice!” This time round, we opted for a roll-away bed instead of a cot for Noah, and he was so pleased to have his own bed that he went quickly to it for his nap, and we didn’t have any trouble getting him to fall asleep either. #win

Thrilled to have his own bed, PLUS welcome amenities!


Welcome amenities for kids


Tiger made friends with the two bears




While Noah napped, I took the opportunity to check out the basket on the coffee table, and was pleasantly surprised to find a hot pot of tea in it! There was also a little card providing information on the reason for serving tea to guests, and explaining how to enjoy the tea, which I thought was rather thoughtful. The basket kept the tea warm for a really long time, even till past dinner time, and was perfect for a cool, rainy day.

What’s in the basket? (Spot Noah napping in the background)




The skies had cleared by the time Noah woke up from his nap, so we headed for the pool. Ever since we got him the Puddle Jumper, he is so much more confident in the water, and he entered the “big pool” without any hesitation. C was with him, of course, but I was also pleased to see a lifeguard on duty, patrolling around the pool. There’s also a small water fountain area which Noah loved, and he played there happily after “swimming” a few laps with C. This time round, they didn’t enter the heated jacuzzi pool, though we enjoyed soaking in it on our last visit.

The pool

Shangrila Staycation (14 of 24)

Shangrila Staycation (12 of 24)

Splashing around in the Kids’ Pool


Playing in the Water Fountain


What was I doing while C and Noah were in the pool? Why, lounging on one of the sun-beds by the pool, of course! The staff there kindly helped me to lay the warm towel on the sun-bed, and all I had to do was kick back and relax. I brought my iPad down, and could even watch my Korean variety show on it, thanks to the hotel’s free wi-fi.

From our previous experience, we knew it would be tough to get Noah out of the pool, so we told him that he could have a bubble bath in the huge bathtub back in the room. We wrapped him up in the thick kid-sized bathrobe thoughtfully provided by the hotel, and hurried back to the room, where Noah spent a good half an hour playing with bubbles in the bathtub.

I love the huge bathroom!



Bathtub happiness


C had a dinner with some friends that evening, so I had a mummy-son date with Noah. Originally, I contemplated bringing him to Orchard Road on the free shuttle bus service provided by the hotel, but it had started raining again, so we stayed in the hotel room, and ordered room service instead. I must say that the food arrived within 30 minutes, as promised by the staff when I placed my order, and the kid’s portion was pretty decent. Noah finished everything, including the garlic bread, which he almost never eats, while I thoroughly enjoyed my burger and fries. Mr TV Addict doesn’t usually get to watch tv at home, so he made himself very comfortable on our bed, and enjoyed his dinner while watching all the cartoons available. There were quite a few channels for him to choose from, so he was a very happy little boy that evening.

Shuttle Bus Schedule


Room Service!



Glued to the TV


That night was the first night that Noah got to sleep on a bed instead of a cot, and I kept reminding him that he had to be careful, because he tends to roll around a lot, and might fall off the bed. True enough, I heard a thump at 6am, and saw Noah looking rather bewildered on the bed. Thankfully, the floor was well-carpeted, and he wasn’t hurt at all. Once he figured out that he was in the hotel room, he refused to go back to sleep, and ran to check out the view from our full-length windows, before proceeding to jump on the bed. C was extremely reluctant to wake up, insisting that he was on a staycation and therefore should be able to sleep in, but hello, things change when you become a parent, right?

Only a kid on staycation can be this cheerful at 630am


I love going for hotel breakfasts because of the wide variety available, and The Line’s breakfast spread is quite impressive. There are a total of 16 live theatre kitchens, so you can see your food being prepared, and order customised dishes. Our must-eat dish is the omelette, and mine was extra special because it was prepared by an ex-student of mine. Such a small world! Noah had a tough time deciding what to eat too, and feasted on fishballs, eggs, pancakes, and fruits. Service was excellent as always, with the staff bringing us our choice of drinks: teh tarik, hot chocolate, and fresh milk. They even offered to heat up the milk for Noah, but Noah prefers cold milk, so he was happy enough with his glass of cold fresh milk.

Food, glorious food

Shangrila Staycation (1 of 24)

Shangrila Staycation (2 of 24)

Shangrila Staycation (3 of 24)

Shangrila Staycation (5 of 24)

Shangrila Staycation (6 of 24)

Shangrila Staycation (7 of 24)

Part of what we had

Shangrila Staycation (10 of 24)

Shangrila Staycation (8 of 24)



All smiles during breakfast

Shangrila Staycation (9 of 24)

Shangrila Staycation (11 of 24)

After breakfast, we took a stroll around the hotel’s compounds, where Noah tried to count the huge koi at the waterfall pond, and declared, “Too many!” We climbed up a short flight of stairs nearby, and found another little waterfall there, before heading into the hotel lobby to admire the grand interior and beautiful CNY flower displays. The hotel really makes you feel as though you are tucked away in a secluded paradise, although in reality, we were right in the middle of Orchard Road, and that’s what we really liked about Shangri-La Singapore.

The Tower Wing

Shangrila Staycation (13 of 24)

Beautiful waterfall and Koi pond

Shangrila Staycation (15 of 24)

Shangrila Staycation (16 of 24)

Trying to count the Koi


Mini Waterfall

Shangrila Staycation (17 of 24)

His favourite pose these days

Shangrila Staycation (18 of 24)

Gorgeous hotel lobby

Shangrila Staycation (19 of 24)

Shangrila Staycation (21 of 24)

Noah loved the CNY flower display

Shangrila Staycation (22 of 24)

Shangrila Staycation (20 of 24)

I think the best part about this staycation promotion is the late check-out time. 6pm! It’s almost a full day! We managed to go out to watch a play and to have lunch, then came back for a nap, while C went for a massage at the CHI Spa. When he got back, I made a quick trip to the Horizon Club Lounge on level 24, before returning to the room so that C could go for a workout at the Health Club. All while Noah napped! We lazed around for a while more in the room after Noah woke up, before checking out at 6pm, just in time to get dinner, and head home. Noah was most disappointed when we told him we were leaving the hotel, and kept asking if we could stay there again. If we didn’t have plans for the next day, I think we would have extended our stay, just so we could enjoy the spacious room, and luxurious hotel facilities for an extra 24 hours!

Napping on his “own bed” again


The view from the lounge on level 24


Our very spacious room, with plenty of space for Noah to run around

Shangrila Staycation (24 of 24)

Shangrila Staycation (23 of 24)

King of the king-sized bed


Thank you, Shangri-La Singapore, for your warm hospitality. We’ll be back again for sure!

‘Family Stays for Free’ Staycation Make time for the family and book the Family Stays for Free staycation at the Tower Wing’s Horizon Grand Premier Room, one of the largest club level rooms in the city at 72 square metres. Guests enjoy complimentary breakfast for the family, extra beds upon request and access to one of the largest ground level swimming pool facilities in Singapore with water play features for children. Save up to $150 with complimentary add-ons including a roll-away bed and breakfast for everyone.

Privileges include: – Complimentary breakfast for the family (up to one additional adult and two children under the age of 12 years old) at The Line offering an extensive variety of choice with 16 live theatre kitchens – Late check-out at 6:00pm – Complimentary extra bed upon request – Complimentary welcome amenities for children under the age of 12 – Access to expansive outdoor swimming pool and round-the-clock Health Club facilities – Complimentary Wi-Fi and broadband Internet access – Complimentary hourly guest shuttle bus to Orchard Road precinct – Complimentary parking

The ‘Family Stays for Free’ package is priced from SGD505 per night (subject to 10% service charge and government taxes including GST) and is available for bookings made before 31 March 2016 and one-night stays on Fridays or Saturdays only. Bookings may be made online HERE. If you’d like to extend your stay, do check the rates for the extra night on the website directly. Prior reservations are required and bookings are subject to availability.

*Disclaimer: We were invited to try out Shangri-La Singapore’s “Family Stays for Free” staycation promotion. All photos and opinions are, as always, our own.

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