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How to Get Noah to Nap

Erm, so, I usually try not to post two blog entries on the same day, but this amazing thing happened and I just HAD to blog about it. You see, I was feeding Noah his defrosted cube of potato purée and after a while, I noticed that he wasn’t sucking purée off the spoon as enthusiastically as he was initially. His eyes started closing and his head began to droop. Yes, the little boy was falling asleep in the middle of his meal!

I couldn’t decide what to do. Should I change his diaper first, since he pooped while he was eating? Should I feed him some water since he was done with the potato purée already? Should I take photos of him falling asleep on his high chair? Should I pick him up and put him into his cot?

I was very tempted to do the first and third things, but in the end, I went with option four. With a baby who doesn’t nap frequently, I take what I can. If he wants to nap, then please go ahead. Yes, I struggled with the knowledge that he was going to bed with a dirty diaper, especially since he is very prone to diaper rash, but for all I know, he might just decide to take a fifteen minute nap, and I can change his diaper after that, right?

Once I put him into his cot, he whimpered a little, before quickly falling asleep while I was patting his chest. Amazing! I quickly scurried off to do his laundry, and even managed to prepare some carrot purée for his next ‘food tasting’. Am I a bad parent for thinking about feeding him plenty of potato purée daily now?

Sleeping Soundly

I really regret not snapping a quick photo of him nodding off in his high chair before I picked him up, but I was afraid that he’d bump his head on the tray. *trying to be a good mummy* Anyway, he woke up wailing after about half an hour. I suspect he felt cheated that he was put into his cot without being nursed to sleep.

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