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Homeschooling Playgroup #5

Our playgroup this week was a smaller group, and as a result, we had a shorter session, which I actually liked, because Noah’s attention span in the afternoons seems to be rather limited.

Mummy E brought a few flash cards on different fruits and vegetables, and asked the children to pick their favourite ones. The little ones then showed their selections to their friends, and named the items. (I’ve been trying to work on the Chinese names of fruits and vegetables with Noah, but he can’t seem to understand them. When I pointed at the bananas and told him they were called xiang1 jiao1, he looked at me, and said, “Banana.” as though he was trying to teach me something. Sigh.

Flash cards


Telling each other about their selected fruits and vegetables




I selected a rather long book this week, but thankfully, the children were rather attentive throughout most of the story, and only started interrupting me towards the end, when they were eager to point out the different animals they saw in the book.

Mrs Noah’s Vegetable Ark


Story time


As a follow-up activity, I got the children to plant some beans in their containers, and hopefully, the beans will grow, so that they can learn more about how plants grow. I’m not sure if the beans will actually grow, since I took them from my stash of sensory bin beans.

With his container of beans




The children with their beans


For Practical Life, they worked on four skills, and I noticed that Noah is much better at stacking blocks now, compared to last year, although he still struggles to figure out which block should go next. He refuses to work on skills that he isn’t good at, like using chopsticks and lacing, and requires a lot of encouragement and supervision for those two activities. As for pouring, he was rather careless, and kept spilling the macaroni. It’s a good thing there were only four stations, or I would have gone mad trying to get him to complete everything!








Using chopsticks







Mummy L prepared strawberries and biscuits for their snack, and got them to use forks to pick up the cut strawberries. I thought it was a good way to teach them how to use a fork properly, especially since Noah prefers using his hands when eating strawberries at home.

Saying Grace


Sharing strawberries


The children had free play after their snack, and Noah was very disruptive, going around knocking over the blocks that the girls painstakingly stacked up. After he did it a couple of times despite being told by everyone to stop, I decided that it was time for us to go home, so we sang the Goodbye song, and left. When we got home, I put him in time-out for being disobedient, both at playgroup and in the car home. I also told C to handle him for the rest of the evening, because I was so frustrated with him.

These two have a love-hate relationship


We’ll be going on a short holiday next week, and will miss the playgroup outing planned. Hopefully, Noah will be better behaved when we next meet his friends!


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