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Homeschooling Playgroup #2

This week, I was slow in signing up for a segment, and ended up with the Introduction again. I tried very hard to think of what I could do, and thought I would try teaching them a few simple CNY greetings. 

Originally, I wanted to get some small tangerines for the group, so that they can use them when practising the four greetings. I couldn’t find any at the last minute, and ended up with these “oranges” made up of sweets instead.

Chinese New Year Greetings

1. 新年快乐 / xin1 nian2 kuai4 le4 / Happy New Year.

2. 新年蒙恩 / xin1 nian2 meng2 en1 / May you receive the grace and favour of God in the New Year.

3. 身体健康 / shen1 ti3 jian4 kang1 / May you be healthy.

4. 心想事成 / xin1 xiang3 shi4 cheng2 / May all your wishes come true.


Practising the greetings



For story-time, Mummy L read My First Chinese New Year to the children. I think it’s a pretty good book to introduce CNY to preschoolers, but Noah was very busy running around by himself, and wasn’t very attentive.



Mummy E came up with a very interesting craft this week, and I loved how it required the children to roll small pieces of crepe paper into balls. Good way to incorporate some practical life / fine motor skills into their craft! Noah isn’t very good at this, and I had to keep threatening to bring him home instead of letting him go to the playground, in order to get him to do his craft.




Group photo


For Chinese, Mummy T brought some battery-operated firecrackers, a pictorial guide to the 12 zodiac animals, and some CNY decorations. She got the children to count the animals in Mandarin, and most of them were able to do so, except, erm, Noah. Looks like I really have to speak to him more in Mandarin!





Mummy E brought some snacks for the children, but Noah was more keen on running around and playing with his friends than eating, so he only took a few bites of the kueh. Oh well. At least he ate a donut before we started our session, so I guess he wasn’t very hungry anyway.



We didn’t have Practical Life this week, and the children were more than happy to have an extended time at the playground, for their Big Muscles activity. We got them to sing My God is so Big, and the Goodbye Song, before bringing them to the playground, as we knew they would be too distracted to sing the songs, after playing at the playground. I had a tough time taking photos of them, as they were so busy running around!

Playground Fun



One more week of our CNY theme, before we move on to a different theme! Now to think about which segment to sign up for next week…


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