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Homeschooling Fun: Traffic Signs in Singapore

If you’ve read my latest post on Noah’s monthly update, you’d have seen how much he loves cars and vehicles of all sorts. He also loves traffic signs, and whenever we come across one, he would ask, “What does it say?” Sounds cute, but trust me, it’s not cute when I’m driving, and can’t see which sign he’s pointing at. 

I decided to make some cards with traffic signs on them for Noah, and thankfully, I managed to find this PDF file online. I printed it out, pasted the signs on cards, laminated them, and handed them over to Noah, who watched me impatiently as I made the cards for him.

The cards


Examining the signs


“Look! My favourite Stop sign!”


Showing the signs to his cars


I was so proud of myself for coming up with these cards, because I thought they would keep Noah occupied, but obviously, I didn’t think this through, because he now bugs me even more! I thought that he would be happy just looking at the signs, but noooooo, he wanted to know what they say, and he can’t read the explanations yet, so I have to do it for him. He asked me, “What (does) this sign say?” so many times during lunch, that I got tired of answering him, and distracted him with a book instead.

Anyway, I thought I’d share this, for those of you who might want to teach your kids about traffic signs in Singapore. Have fun!


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