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Homeschooling Fun: Simple Animal Puzzles

Noah first encountered puzzles during one of our weekly playdates, and I realised that he needed a lot more practice in it, because his sense of logic seemed really poor. He would place the head of the animal behind the animal’s bum, and go, “Yay! Good job, Noah!” as though he did it correctly. 

I decided to use the pictures of some animals that I found when I was making the materials for teaching him the alphabet, and make them into simple matching puzzles for him.

I printed the pictures, laminated them, then cut them into halves.

My cutting skills need to be improved, I know



Noah was quite excited when he saw me preparing the materials, and couldn’t wait to get started.

Working on the animal puzzles


Almost done…


All done!


After he worked on the “left and right” puzzles, I gave him the “top and bottom” puzzles, and boy, was he confused. He kept trying to match them by putting them side by side, even though I was guiding him. Like I said, his logical thinking skills really need to be improved!

Puzzled by the puzzles


If you would like to make your own puzzles, you can download and use my materials here: Animals

For a more interactive version of this matching game, you can get the LeapFrog Farm Animal Mash-Up Kit

. I used it during

our last playdate, and the children seemed to enjoy it.

Leapfrog Farm Animal Mash-Up Kit

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.23.19 pm


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