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Homeschooling Fun: Sight Words Game for Preschoolers

Recently, I thought it might be time to help Noah recognise some simple sight words, and decided to modify this Shape Game by The Measured Mom, to create my own Sight Words Game for Noah.

Sight words are a set of about 100 words that frequently appear on almost any page of text. Once a child learns this list of words, it becomes much easier for him/her to read, because he/she can then focus on the remaining words. You can read more about sight words HERE.

For this game, I picked out five words (a, I, the, me, said) from this list of Pre-K Dolch Sight Words. There are many such lists on the Internet, so you can compare the different lists before deciding which list you want to use for your own child.

I printed and laminated the game board as well as the graph, so that they can be reused. You can download my version of the game board and graph, but please ensure that it is used only for your own purpose. I have also created a blank template if you would like to make your own game board.

Sight Words Game 1

Sight Words Game 1

Sight Words Game 1 Graph

Sight Words Game 1 Graph

To download my materials, please right-click on the links below, and open them in a new tab/page. Sight Words Game 1 Sight Words Game Template

Materials Needed

Sight Words Game Board Sight Words Game Graph Die (I didn’t have a die at home, so I printed the template from this website, and made my own.) Erasable Marker Playing Piece (You can use anything, such as a counter, a small car, or even a Lego minifigurine.)


How to Play

1. Get your child to roll the die, then move his/her playing piece around the game board according to the number shown on the die.

Throwing the die



Moving his Lego Minifigure around the game board


2. When he/she lands on a sight word, ask him/her to use the erasable marker to make a mark in the corresponding column on the graph. I recommend starting at the bottom of the column, so that he/she can see which is the tallest column at the end of the game.

Marking the corresponding column



3. When your child gets to the smiley face, ask him/her to identify the tallest column. Then, help him/her to check by counting the number of marks in each column.

Which is the tallest column?


Have fun!

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