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Homeschooling Fun: DIY Sheep

I was trying to think of a craft to do for our next playdate, so as usual, I turned to the Internet for ideas. I wanted something simple, as the kids are only two years old, and have short attention spans. Originally, I wanted to do a craft with toilet rolls, but I came across this adorable looking sheep, and figured that it looked easy enough for the children to work on. 

I wanted to test it out with Noah first, to see if it would work, so here’s a simple guide to making your own sheep.

Materials Needed 

Paper plates Cotton balls Double-sided tape Black paper Googly eyes Ice-cream sticks Pencil / coloured pencils Scissors



1. Draw and cut out the sheep’s face from the black paper. Put double-sided tape on one side of it.

2. Cover the back of the paper plate with double-sided tape.

3. Put double-sided tape on one side of each ice-cream stick. (I put the tape on about three-quarters of it.)

4. Put double-sided tape on the back of the googly eyes.

5. Stick cotton balls onto the paper plate.

6. Stick googly eyes onto the sheep’s face.

7. Use a pencil or coloured pencil to draw in the rest of the sheep’s face.

8. Paste the sheep’s face onto the paper plate covered with cotton balls.

9. Paste the ice-cream sticks behind the paper plate, to make the legs of the sheep.

The face


The body


The legs


All done!




I hope the kids will have fun making this craft during our next playdate!

PS. Here are some books that you can read, as a introduction to lambs/sheep.

PPS. You can also sing ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ or ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’, as a follow-up activity.

*This is an affiliate link, which means that if you buy the book after clicking on this link, a few cents from this sale goes to Noah’s book fund, at absolutely no cost to you.


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