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Homelearning Fun: Milk and Colours Experiment

It’s been a while since we last did an experiment together, especially since experiments are usually C’s area of expertise, rather than mine. Anyway, I chanced upon a friend’s IG post on this “Milk and Colours” experiment, and since I had all the necessary materials, I decided to try it out with N too.

Materials Needed

– Flat dish – Milk – Various food colourings – Small container of dishwashing liquid – Cotton bud


1. Pour a layer of milk onto the flat dish.

2. Add drops of food colouring on different parts of the milk.

3. Mix the dishwashing liquid with a little water, and use the cotton bud to stir it. Make sure that the cotton bud has absorbed the mixture.

4. Stick the soaked cotton bud in the middle of the food colouring drops, and watch how the colours move around magically!

N doing the experiment

As you can see, N was super excited and fascinated by this experiment. He kept dipping the cotton bud back into the dishwashing liquid solution, and putting it into the milk, to see how the colours would move. He kept exclaiming, “Wow this is so cool!” Anyway, since this is a really simple, fun, and inexpensive experiment, I’ll probably let him try it again soon, perhaps with all the food colouring in the same spot, to see how the different colours swirl around.

PS. Want to know why the colours swirl around like that? Read this site for a detailed explanation.

Have fun!

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