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Hockey Player N

We’re back in Singapore for a short break, and took the opportunity to bring N for a hockey training session with my ex-coach, Coach Vijayan.

Coach Vijayan runs a hockey academy that trains interested kids aged five and above. The coaches teach the kids skills and do some drills with them, before getting them to play matches. N was the youngest in the group, but I thought he held his own pretty well.

Beautiful morning for hockey

Listening to the coach

I was really proud of N for being brave enough to join the bigger kids, and for trying his best to do all the drills. It was a really hot day, but he persevered, and played his heart out. I took some videos of him in action, and managed to capture the part where he scored a goal from across the pitch.

N doing a drill

N playing a match

The twins weren’t able to do much there, but wanted to hold the hockey sticks as well, and tried to hit some balls too.

Didi and Meimei learning to hold the sticks properly

I took some video clips of C playing hockey as well. Reminded me of those days when we were playing hockey together!

C playing hockey while the twins walked around

It was a really enjoyable morning despite the heat, and it was quite surreal seeing N running around the hockey pitch with my ex-coach training him. Coach Vijayan was my coach 20 years ago, and he is still as passionate about the sport now as he was back then, so it’s really great that so many kids are benefiting from his years of experience.

N with Coach

Maruti Academy

Sundays, 8am to 10am

Sengkang Hockey Stadium

Fees: $70 per month

Registration fee: $120 (includes stick, bag, ball, shin pads, t-shirts)

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