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His First…

… Hockey match! C’s hockey team played in the Division One Finals on Saturday evening and it was an exciting introduction to hockey for Noah. He napped through most of the first half but woke up in the second half, just in time to watch daddy score a goal too! The other team was much stronger though and they had a lot more supporters, who came with a banner, party poppers and, get this, a rhino mascot. It would have been really embarrassing for them if they didn’t win. Our team had five supporters: three wives and two babies. Better than none!

The five supporters

The last game C played was earlier this year, when I was still pregnant and I remember wondering when I would get to bring our baby to watch a match. I think I was more excited about Noah being at the game than C! The season for the year is over and I’m looking forward to next year’s, when Noah will be older and hopefully better able to enjoy watching his dad run around the pitch.

Us at the stadium

… Wedding! We rushed home after the game to get ready for our good friend’s wedding dinner. Our original plan a few weeks back was to let my parents babysit Noah while we attended the dinner, but after the incident with my bleeding nipples, I didn’t think it was a good idea for him to be bottle-fed. I was also worried that he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep without suckling, so in the end, we decided to bring him along.

Noah seemed a little overwhelmed by the bright lights and the general noise level in the ballroom, but he was still pretty smiley and cheerful. He had a perpetual shocked look though, opening his eyes very widely and staring at the people who popped their heads in front of his stroller to say hi. He even got to meet my secondary school classmate, who’s a good friend of the bride! As it was his bedtime, he started fussing a little and I spent most of the evening outside the ballroom nursing him. A few of my friends came out and kept me company at various points, so at least I managed to catch up with some of them. Life after having a baby is certainly different but we are definitely learning to include Noah in all our activities. No photo of us at the dinner, unfortunately, apart from the obligatory ‘table shot’ taken by the official photographer.

… Laugh! This took us completely by surprise! I was about to change his diaper just now and Noah was smiling at me as he lay on the changing table. All of a sudden, he let out a proper laugh and kicked his legs happily. C and I were stunned! It was so adorable and I kept trying to get him to do it again but to no avail. It was really unexpected, especially since he had been a little fussy all day and had been suckling a lot, either because he’s going through a growth spurt or because he needed comfort for some reason.

It’s been an exciting few days for us and I think the next couple of days will be spent recovering from all the activity. I’m loving our family time together, especially because C has been working from home since he got home from his business trip. He’s off again for a few days next week, but at least it’s not for a long time.

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