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GWTT on Twitter and NuffnangX too!

Ahem. I interrupt the normal parenting posts with this announcement:

GWTT is now on Twitter (@GrowingwtheTans) and NuffnangX! I have gone on a social media craze for some reason, so do follow me on these two other platforms too.

My Twitter account used to be under my own name, but I thought it might be more practical to standardise everything. I couldn’t manage to get GWTT (it was taken) or GrowingwiththeTans (too long, darn Twitter and your limit on number of characters on everything!), so GrowingwtheTans is the best I could do. My tweets can also be seen on the right panel of this blog. I haven’t been tweeting very much, apart from making fun of communicating with my ex-students, but since the baby has decided to wake up every hour or two these past two nights, tweeting might be a little easier to do than blogging for now. (Yes, I know I’m blogging right now, but I mean for those 2am rants.)

If you are a parent suffering from interrupted sleep, please feel free to commiserate with me on Twitter. If you aren’t, erm, you can tell me all about your wonderful uninterrupted sleep on Twitter too, and I promise not to hunt you down to shove a whiny baby in your face.

Okay, that’s all from me for now. The baby is napping and I really should be too. Sleep when the baby sleeps and all, you know.

PS. If you want to learn how to change your username on Twitter, check out THIS PAGE. I googled for the answer too. Heh.

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