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Gorge Wildlife Park & The Big Rocking Horse

Our second road trip with the grandparents was to Gorge Wildlife Park and The Big Rocking Horse and Toy Factory.

After our visit to Cleland Wildlife Park, some of our Adelaide friends told us that Gorge Wildlife Park has cheaper entrance fees, free koala holding sessions, and is small enough to cover in a few hours. We decided to bring our parents there, and if you are pressed for time, I think Gorge Wildlife Park is a good option. We got to feed many different animals, and this time round, I got to carry a koala (other than Noah).

Koalas doing their thing


Noah’s clearly not tall enough to hold the koala 


Photo session with the koala 


 Up close and personal with some camels


We saw albino wallabies for the first time


My dad had a good time feeding the wallabies 


Kangaroo mugshot 


American alligator 


Huge pelican


Majestic peacock


Black swan 


Cute little chicks wandering around 


After a simple lunch of homemade sandwiches, we left for the Big Rocking Horse and Toy Factory. There’s also a wildlife park there, but as Noah was napping when we got there, we decided to head straight to the shop to buy some wooden toys. They apparently have a factory tour, but we chose to spend all our time there browsing in the shop instead. There were so many things to look at, and it was a good thing that Noah was asleep, or he would have been going, “I want! I want!” a lot.

The Big Rocking Horse 


The toy factory 


Wooden ‘transformers’ 


Loved the trucks, dolls’ furniture, and motorcycle! Wish we could have gotten them all. 


We decided to get a snack at the cafe, and Noah woke up in time to play at the Kids’ Area in the cafe. They had beautiful highchairs there, but Noah was too busy playing to join us at the table. I loved all the wooden furniture and toys, which were also available for purchase in their store.

With my parents 


Playing happily 


On a smaller replica of the rocking horse 


The quality of the wooden furniture and toys looks pretty good, and I had a tough time deciding what to get for Noah. I found most of the items quite pricey, and only selected one toy for him, which my MIL paid for, as Noah’s Christmas gift. We noticed that some of the items on sale were actually made in China, rather than the factory itself, so do check the labels carefully before making your purchase.

Gorge Wildlife Park 30 Redden Drive, Cudlee Creek, South Australia 5232 9am to 5pm daily / Koala holding sessions at 1130am, 130pm, and 330pm daily Adults $15 / Students & Seniors $12 / Children (3-15 years old) $9 / Family Pass (2 adults & 2 children) $42

The Big Rocking Horse & Toy Factory 452 Torrens Valley Road, Gumeracha, South Australia 5233 9am to 5pm daily

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