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Fun Firsts

Noah visited our neighbourhood library for the very first time on Monday. I still haven’t gotten down to actually getting him his own library card, because I love buying him books, and especially since I recently discovered The Groovy Giraffe, which sells books at a really low price. (PS. Use the code ‘GWTT’ for an extra 5% off the super low prices!)

The little boy seemed to enjoy being able to sit at a table meant for little ones like him, and spent some time flipping through the touch-and-feel books and the lift-the-flap books that I selected for him. He’s really into these two types of books recently!

Focused on flipping the pages


The cheeky reader


He also visited one of the playgrounds near our home, for the very first time, on the very same afternoon. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t brought him to the playground, but it’s probably because he can’t stand or walk on his own yet.

What’s going on?


Still a little confused


Noah was more interested in watching the older kids running around at the playground, than actually playing on it himself. He also didn’t dare to slide down the different slides, even though I was holding on to him, and trying to help him to slide down. He was content to just sit there smiling at me, and whenever I tried to slide him down, he would straighten his legs, and tense up his entire body.

I’ll just sit here, thank you very much.


Since we’ll be moving to Australia for a few months really soon, I think I’ll take full advantage of the playgrounds there, after hearing so much about how much nicer they are than what we have here, and bring him there as frequently as possible.

Looking forward to plenty of ‘fun firsts’! 🙂

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