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Friday Flips #92: The Plano Adventures (The Ray Keepers) Plus Giveaway!

After “fighting” alongside Professor Plano, Zed and Zee in The Plano Adventures: Trouble in Murktown, N and I were keen to find out what the evil Lord Myopic was up to next. How exactly DOES he create foggy vision?

In ‘The Ray Keepers’, our heroes are on a quest to seek the help of the Ray Keepers, and come across Wocket, a once-colourful dragon who has lost his colours, thanks to the amount of time he has spent on his Bottle-Bottle screen. To their great dismay, they find out that Wocket’s entire family has been holed up in their cave, glued to their Bottle-Bottle screens which emit a strong Blue Light, causing them to be tired and giving them foggy vision. After giving Wocket the Clear Vision Recipe, the trio resume their search for the Ray Keepers, and finally meet Ren-Ray of the Ray Keepers, who gives them Violet Light for Wocket’s family. Together, they defeat Lord Myopia, and head Outdoors for a good dose of Violet Light.

The Ray Keepers

N really liked the illustrations in this book, and told me solemnly that he thought the “draw-er” must be really good and clever to come up with so many interesting and nice drawings. His favourite part of the book was when Ren-Ray used all her seven colours to fight against Lord Myopic, so he spent some time drawing his own version of that scene.


Saying “Whoooooosh!” as he wrote it on the battle scene

Putting the finishing touches: colourful dots!


I thought it was great that the entire family of dragons was guilty of too much Bottle-Bottle screen time, because it’s really not only the kids who use gadgets a lot. It was a realistic portrayal of today’s society, and it also helps children to know that myopia affects everyone, not just kids. Older children might enjoy reading the facts at the end of the story about how myopia develops, as well as the negative effects of too much blue light. N found those last few pages a little too intimidating to read on his own (he prefers having some illustrations mixed with the text), but was perfectly happy to listen when I selected certain sections to read to him. I personally learnt more about myopia from those few pages too!

These days, if N is holding the iPad too close to his face, or if he’s been engrossed in his Math app for too long, I just have to ask him, “What did Professor Plano say?” and he will automatically move the iPad further away, or look away from the screen for a while. It’s nice not having to nag at him, since he knows the Clear Vision Recipe now, and is better empowered to protect his eyesight. Oh, and thanks to The Ray Keepers, I’ve been making a conscious effort to get all three kids outdoors, so that their eyes can get some violet light. I think the twins are particularly happy about this, since they love going out.

The twins getting some extra outdoor time, thanks to The Ray Keepers

If you give your kids screen time, I recommend reading The Plano Adventures series with them, to help them understand how to protect their Clear Vision instead of succumbing to Lord Myopia’s sinister plans. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series, ‘The Never-Ending Game’!

Happy reading!


Plano Adventures: The Ray Keepers on GoGuru Plano Adventures: The Ray Keepers on Local Books Plano Adventures: The Ray Keepers is available at Kinokuniya, Times Bookstores, as well as Popular bookstores.


We have one copy of ‘Plano Adventures: The Ray Keepers’ to be given away to one reader of Growing with the Tans! To participate, please visit our Instagram page. Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions: This giveaway will end on Friday, 2nd November 2018, at 2359h, and is open to readers with a Singapore mailing address only. The winner will be contacted via the particulars provided when entering this giveaway, and will have 24 hours to respond, failing which a new winner will be selected. All incomplete entries will be disqualified, and all entries will be verified before the winners are announced. To be fair to our sponsor, please note that all fake Instagram accounts (accounts set up purely to take part in contests, with no or very few real posts), will be disqualified. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.

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