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Friday Flips #9: E-mergency!

I chanced upon E-mergency! when I was browsing at the library, and was rather amused by it. Noah is still learning his ABCs, so I thought he might like reading this book with me too.



The letters all live together in one house, and one day, the letter E fell down the stairs, and had to take a break for a while, which meant that people had to stop using her. As a vowel, E is one of the more frequently used letters, and practically indispensable, so the letter O had to stand in for her, to hilarious results! What do I mean? Well, just try substituting the letter E with the letter O in all your words, and you’ll understand. “E noods plonty of rost to rocovor, so stop using hor in your sontoncos!”

E-mergency is full of verbal and visual puns, and is probably more suitable for older children who will be able to understand the jokes, but that’s not to say that preschoolers won’t enjoy it too. Noah liked reading the bit where E fell down, probably because he had fun tracing the ambulance’s route to the house. He didn’t get the puns, of course, but kept asking me to read the book over and over again, which is always a sign that he likes a particular book. Case in point: he doesn’t want me to read The Three Billy Goats Gruff to him at all, and tells me to “take another book, please”.

“Eeeeee! E fell down!”


“Ambulance coming!”


“Oh no, E is injured already.”


I personally enjoyed reading it, because of all the puns. I mean, the letters went on a talk show, called “Tho O Show”, which had a host that looked remarkably like Oprah Winfrey. I’m sorry, it may seem childish to you, but this kinda thing really makes me laugh. I wish I could list all the hilarious puns here, but since I can’t, I’m including a few pictures of some of the puns.

Puns from E-mergency!





Admit it. You laughed too, didn’t you? Anyway, do check out this book if you, I mean your child, enjoy jokes like these, and have fun reading it together. See if you can pronounce the words which have been spelt with O instead of E! I had a tough time, and gave up after a while, as I didn’t want to confuse Noah too much.

Happy reading!

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