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Friday Flips #84: Books by Matthew Van Fleet

The twins greatly enjoy interactive books, so I did a quick search on Book Depository, and decided to get a few Matthew Van Fleet titles for them. To be honest, they’re a bit pricey, but the quality of the books is pretty good, and I can seldom resist good books!

‘Sniff’ was the first book I got for the twins, and they LOVED pulling the tabs to watch the heads move. I think my main issue with these books is that the twins are always very busy fighting over who gets to pull/push the tabs, lift the flaps, or touch the different textures, instead of listening to me read.

‘Sniff’ is a good book to start your Matthew Van Fleet collection, because it’s small and not as heavy as the others in this post, and therefore easier for younger kids to handle. It’s a board book, so the twins haven’t been able to destroy it yet. All his books usually have touch-and-feel sections, and I think most, if not all, have movable parts.


Meimei reading ‘Sniff’

‘Moo’ is rather educational, as it tells you what the male, female, and young of the animals are called. I’ve been getting N to read this as well, because it’s something I think he should learn. The twins are more into making the different animal sounds (and getting me to do the same) whenever I read this book, and touching the different textures. They especially love pressing the squeaky rubber duck, and can spend ages on that page.


The twins love dogs, and never fail to bark whenever they see pictures of dogs, so ‘Dog’ was a hit with them too. Like ‘Moo’, this book also uses photographs of animals instead of illustrations, which allows kids to see what the animals really look like. I think the book covered almost all the different breeds of dogs, and it’s definitely useful for kids who want to learn the various names. There were a few tabs for them to push and pull, and N thinks the one where the dog lifts its leg up to pee is hilarious. Unfortunately, Didi managed to tear one of the movable parts, so if you have kids who are still prone to tearing books, do watch them carefully when reading this book.


‘Alphabet’ is beautifully illustrated and has animals beginning with every letter of the alphabet. I haven’t even heard of some of these unique animals, so it’s a learning experience for me as well. Even though it’s quite a sturdy book, the twins have managed to tear some of the flaps and movable parts, then still have the cheek to say “Uh-oh!” every time we get to those pages.


‘Dance’ has some pages with rather lengthy text, so I personally feel it is more suitable for older kids who can sit through longer books. N has a really good attention span when it comes to reading, so he can sit through the entire book when I read this with him. The twins, however, get rather impatient, so I read selected parts only with them, and focus on getting them to mimic the animals’ actions. They love dancing, but have only one or two moves, so I’ve been trying to get them to expand their repertoire through this book.


I really like all the Matthew Van Fleet books that we’ve got so far, and I’m glad I bought them, because the twins now alternate between them and the Hello Genius books about manners. They can sit quietly on their own to flip through these books, which is really great for me. I still get upset when they tear the movable parts or flaps, but I guess I’ll have to keep teaching them to be more gentle with their books.

Happy reading!


Buy the Books from Book Depository Sniff Moo Alphabet Dog Dance

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