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Friday Flips #74: Interrupting Chicken

When we were living in Adelaide, one of N’s favourite board books was ‘Pouch!’ by David Ezra Stein, so recently, I decided to see if I could find any other books by the same author. ‘Interrupting Chicken’ had a rather amusing synopsis, and since N loves funny books (who doesn’t?), I thought I’d get it for him.

‘Interrupting Chicken’ is a story about a little chicken who loves stories, but cannot stop herself from interrupting her papa’s reading, because she wants to save the characters in the stories. She clearly knows the fairytales by heart, and can’t bear the thought of the characters getting eaten up or doing something silly, so before her papa can even get to that part of the story, she interrupts, and makes up her own, safer version of the ending. Her papa runs out of stories to read to her, so he asks her to make up a bedtime story for him instead, and she happily obliges.

N and I were also amused by the long-suffering way Chicken’s papa talked to her, and it’s quite a fun book to read aloud with young children, especially if you like doing “voices”. I don’t always remember to use different “voices” when I read books to N, but when I do, I think it makes the book more entertaining for N.

N isn’t at the stage where he gets so personally involved in the characters’ lives that he does what Chicken does, but he was certainly amused when she interrupts her papa with her own made-up endings. He enjoyed looking at the colourful illustrations, and laughed when he saw the bits where Chicken edited the stories. We had a lovely discussion on why Chicken kept interrupting her papa, and I asked N if he would like to make up his own stories too. He’s still too young to come up with a proper storyline, and his ideas are usually from whatever he has read or watched recently, but it’s a start. I think a good follow-up activity would be to actually write/draw out a story, and hopefully, we’ll be able to do that soon. It probably won’t make any sense, but it would be a priceless piece of work!

Interrupting Chicken

Happy reading!

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