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Friday Flips #7: Don’t Push the Button

Noah is at the age where interactive books really appeal to him, so I’m always on the lookout for books similar to Tap to Play! and the Herve Tullet ones.

I came across Don’t Push the Button at the library, and borrowed it for Noah. He got the idea pretty quickly, since he has read similar books before, but I noticed that he had a little trouble with following the instructions to push the button twice, and a couple of times. He probably hasn’t quite gotten the concept of numbers yet, so this was a good way to teach him what they meant. Noah loved shaking the book, and scratching Larry’s belly, and did both very enthusiastically.

Don’t Push the Button






Interacting with the book



The book uses simple language to communicate the instructions, and is short enough to read multiple times in a row (without feeling like hiding the book). I say this from my own experience, of course, as Noah has been bugging me to read it to him very frequently, and goes, “Again? Again!” after each reading. If your children enjoy interactive books, do check this one out, as I’m sure it will be a real hit with them. Happy reading!

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