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Friday Flips #67: Ranger Anne Series (Set 3)

Just before we left for Jakarta, we received a very special parcel from Armour Publishing, and N was absolutely thrilled to see so many new books. He made me read all of them to him over and over again, especially because most of our books had been packed up and were on their way to Jakarta.

We started with the Ranger Anne books, since I knew that there was a surprise in one of the books for Noah. He zoomed in on Ranger Anne and the Clever Tiger because he saw a white tiger on the cover, and quickly grabbed his own Tiger before asking me to read it to him. Imagine his delight when we got to the part where Ranger Anne’s friend was called Ranger Noah! “Like me!” he declared happily. Ah the perks of mummy being friends with the author!

With Tiger


I’m sure it comes as no surprise that this was his favourite book in the series, since he and his beloved Tiger feature in it. He was intrigued by how Ranger Anne devised a gym to help Tim the Tiger exercise and get his food at the same time. Prior to this, he didn’t know that animals had to exercise, so we had a short discussion on why Tim had to exercise. I also tried to work in a mini “lesson” on being resourceful and recycling, since Ranger Anne made use of materials she found to create Tim’s gym.

Ranger Anne and the Clever Tiger




In Ranger Anne and the Playful Tapir, we learn that baby tapirs look nothing like their parents. Noah wanted to know why the baby tapir had to be weighed, and found it funny that the baby tapir kept running away from Ranger Anne.

Ranger Anne and the Playful Tapir



Orry the baby orang utan reminded me of Noah, as he can be mischievous or charming depending on his mood. Noah wanted to know how Orry got injured, and we came up with some possible scenarios together, since it wasn’t stated in the book. I reminded him about our previous Zoo visit, where we saw some baby orang utans, but Noah somehow couldn’t remember anything about them. Looks like we need to go to the zoo again soon!

Ranger Anne and the Mischievous Orang Utan




Finally, in Ranger Anne and the Gentle Antelope, we see how dedicated Ranger Anne is as Anton’s nurse, and I think it’s a good way of showing kids that a lot of effort goes into caring for a sick animal.

Ranger Anne and the Gentle Antelope



This third set of Ranger Anne books introduce four rather unique animals through the use of relatively simple vocabulary, making the stories accessible to beginning readers. The illustrations are colourful and include tiny details which young readers will enjoy examining. I know Noah did!

As a parent, I like that facts about animals are presented in interesting ways in the various Ranger Anne books. This helps kids to remember the little nuggets of information, while encouraging them to analyse and process what they have learnt. Like the previous Ranger Anne books, these four books have an additional “fact sheet” at the end of each book, providing extra information on the animals, which older children may enjoy reading. I think it’s a good way of piquing a child’s interest in a particular animal, and he can then go on to find out more about that animal if he’s curious enough.

PS. You can check out my reviews of the first two sets of Ranger Anne books HERE and HERE.

PPS. I think these would make really good Christmas gifts, especially since they’re on sale (Retail Price : $33.80 / Special Web Price: $28.73) on the Armour Publishing website.

Happy reading!

Buy the Book Ranger Anne Series (Set 3) – Playful Tapir, Gentle Antelope, Mischievous Orang Utan & Clever Tiger on Armour Publishing Ranger Anne Series (Set 3) is also available at Popular Bookstores

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Disclaimer: We received a set of the Ranger Anne series (Set 3) books for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are, as always, our own.

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