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Friday Flips #6: Books for Fussy Eaters

I was looking for books related to fruits and vegetables for our playgroup, and chanced upon these two books, which I think are perfect for fussy eaters. I’ve struggled to get Noah to eat for the longest time, (you can read my post here), and he only started eating more vegetables recently.

For last week’s playgroup, I read ‘I Do Not Eat the Colour Green’, and I think the children enjoyed it. Noah likes reading it with me at home, and loves “finding” the bowl of green grapes when Marlene is invited to tea by the Countess.

I liked the simple rhymes used, which created a steady rhythm as the text is read. Some people aren’t fond of rhyming texts, but for young children, I think rhymes are more effective, especially in capturing their attention. The repetition of the line, “I do not eat the colour green.” also helps to engage the readers, and after we read the book a couple of times, Noah would chant the line together with me.

I Do Not Eat the Colour Green







“I found the green grapes!”


The second book I found for fussy eaters is called, “The Boy Who Ate Himself”. Again, like most children’s books, there is plenty of rhyming, which helps to capture the attention of young readers. Noah was rather amused by Harold’s hamster, even though it didn’t have anything to do at all with the story. We did have a chat after reading the book, about whether he could eat himself, like Harold did in his dream, and he said no. However, he’s been pretending to eat our noses, perhaps because my uncle did that to him during the CNY period, but also maybe because we’ve been reading this book. Anyway, the book predictably ends with Harold waking up from his nightmare of eating himself up, and resolving to eat healthily after that.

The Boy Who Ate Himself








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