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Friday Flips #53: A Day at the Animal Airport & A Day with the Animal Mechanics

Noah loves vehicles of all sorts, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, if you’ve been following our posts, so when I chanced upon these two books, A Day at the Animal Airport and A Day with the Animal Mechanics, I thought they would be fun to read with him. He does have the Usborne Look Inside an Airport book and the Usborne Look Inside Cars book, but these two books are different in that they have story-lines, as compared to the Usborne ones, so I thought he might enjoy them too.

In A Day at the Animal Airport, the Koala family goes on a trip to Koala Lumpur (haha) for granny’s party, and we learn about what goes on in the airport, and on the flight itself. If you’re bringing your toddler or preschooler on his/her first flight, this would be a fun book to show them what to expect. There are plenty of puns that older children will appreciate, but it doesn’t matter if your preschooler doesn’t get them, because there are many other things that will capture their attention. Noah liked counting the planes, and has a lot of fun imitating the groundhog sending signals to the pilot.

A Day at the Animal Airport





A Day with the Animal Mechanics is told through the point of view of young Dylan, whose father owns the garage. He learns about some of the common car troubles that animals face, such as a flattened car (because its owner, an elephant, sat on it instead of in it, of course), as well as how they can be fixed. Dylan also takes it upon himself to help out at the garage, and Noah was most amused by Dylan starting the car wash without closing the car’s windows. In fact, he was able to relate it to our recent experience at the car wash, which surprised me. I love how books can teach us about real-life experiences!

A Day with the Animal Mechanics





As with most books that I select for Noah, I go for colourful and attractive illustrations, and not too much text. Both these books fit the criteria, plus there are many little details in the illustrations that I knew Noah would like discovering. There are apparently other books in this series, and hopefully, I’ll be able to find them at the library soon!

Happy reading!

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