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Friday Flips #5: This is Not My Hat

When the librarian first recommended This is Not My Hat to me, I was instantly attracted to the beautiful illustrations. I thought the little fish was adorable, and was most amused by the tattletale crab. The text is short and simple, so most of the story is actually told via the illustrations, making it suitable for children of various ages.

I wasn’t sure if Noah would be able to “get it” when I read the book with him, and honestly, I still don’t know if he really understands what happened to the little fish at the end. He did seem to enjoy the book quite a bit, and we read it many times before I finally returned it.

This is Not My Hat






Noah found it funny that the little fish was actually wearing a hat, and that it went to hide from the big fish. I tried explaining the concept of stealing to him, but I’m not sure if he really understood me. I do think that this would be a good book to use with older children, as it deals with theft in a lighthearted manner. The ending seems pretty morbid to me, but I also think that it is open to interpretation, and parents can ask their children what they think really happened at the end.

Reading the book







Personally, I love books that allow for different interpretations, as I think it encourages the readers to reflect on what they’ve read, and works on logical thinking too. When I asked Noah, he just said, “The big fish took the hat away from the small fish, and put it on his head.” Makes sense, and definitely less morbid than what I think happened: the big fish ate the small fish so that he could get his hat back. Maybe when Noah is older, he might have a different view of what happened, and that is what I think is the beauty of books: that different people will react differently to different parts of the stories. Do borrow or buy this book, and let me know what you and your children think of it!

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