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Friday Flips #48: Books by Chris Haughton

I’ve seen these books by Chris Haughton around, and was pleased to finally be able to borrow them for Noah recently. The illustrations are really cute, so I was sure that Noah would enjoy looking at them. In addition, the text is short and repetitive, which is perfect for young readers. In fact, they can be found in the Babies section in our national libraries!

Noah likes slapstick humour, and giggles each time we get to the second page of Little Owl Lost (also known as A Bit Lost in a different edition), because the little owl falls out of the tree. *rolls eyes* Because the text is so simple, he has more or less memorised every single page, and loves reciting the words as we read the book together. He even imitates the little owl’s actions when he describes his mummy! This can definitely be an interactive book of sorts for young children, and I’m sure they will be attracted to the adorable illustrations as well.

Little Owl Lost






Oh No, George! is about a dog who promises to be good when his owner is out, but falls to temptation easily. Later, when his owner returns, George is naturally apologetic for his misbehaviour, and tries his best to make up for it. The book ends with a new situation that George can potentially get into trouble for, and the reader is left to decide for himself what George will choose to do.

Interestingly, Noah always says that George wouldn’t be naughty, because he thinks George has learnt his lesson, and has become and good dog. I like that it requires the reader to think a little, and that there isn’t a right or wrong answer, because it encourages children to express their opinions.

Oh No, George!





This is another book that never fails to amuse Noah. He is extremely tickled by the lengths taken by the three bigger characters to catch the bird, and even more amused when they fail. Again, because the text is short and generally repetitive, he is able to recite most of the text along with me, and grins happily in anticipation of the characters’ failures.

Shhh! We have a Plan






All three books have simple yet cute illustrations, which I’m sure will appeal to babies, toddlers and preschoolers alike. The simple, rhythmic, and repetitive text is easy to read, and catchy enough to capture their attention, and perhaps even help them to recognise some of the simpler words.

Happy reading!

Buy the Book Little Owl Lost on Amazon Little Owl Lost / A Bit Lost on Book Depository Oh No, George! on Amazon Oh No, George! on Book Depository Shhh! We Have a Plan on Amazon Shhh! We Have a Plan on Book Depository

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