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Friday Flips #46: Fly Guy

Last week, I came across this list of ‘Over 50 Chapter Books for Preschoolers and 3 Year Olds’, which I shared on this blog’s Facebook page. It got me thinking about starting Noah on chapter books, even though he can’t read on his own yet, because his love for books is insatiable, and he can remain focused for as many books as we are willing to read to him. I figured there was no harm in trying out some simple chapter books, and hoped (foolishly) that he would understand the concept of chapter books, and allow me to read a few chapters at a time only. Ha.

I borrowed a few of the titles from the list above, and soon realised that there was no way I was going to get away with stopping in the middle of a story. I can’t tell you how much I regretted borrowing some of the chapter books, but thankfully, I also chanced upon the Fly Guy series of books, which are much shorter. Noah seemed quite amused by them, and was content to read and re-read them. (I secretly hid the rest of the lengthier chapter books, so that I wouldn’t have to re-read them to him.)

Hi! Fly Guy is the first (I think) book in the series, and tells the story of how Fly Guy and his owner, Buzz, met. Buzz meets some resistance from the adults about his new pet being a fly, but Fly Guy proves to be very intelligent for a fly, and wins the adults over.

Honestly, it is very much like the usual picture books we read, in that there are many colourful pictures on every page, and isn’t particularly wordy. The story is broken down into three short chapters, and I took the opportunity to point out each chapter to Noah, just so that he’s aware of the concept. Noah, as usual, liked looking at the pictures more than the text, but after a few readings, he was able to complete some of the sentences on his own, so I know he pays attention when I’m reading, and just isn’t ready to focus on the text that much yet.

The latest Fly Guy book, A Pet for Fly Guy, isn’t broken down into chapters, and looks exactly like a picture book, so if your child isn’t ready to start on chapter books yet, he/she can still enjoy this Fly Guy book.

I think Noah found the concept of a fly being a pet quite hilarious, and laughs at Fly Guy’s antics in the books we’ve read so far. We also talk about what flies eat (because there are pictures of him feasting on trash), and other fly-related topics, which I’m honestly not very familiar with. Maybe it’s a boy thing to be fascinated by insects and other creepy-crawlies? Whatever the case, if you’re looking for really short chapter books to start your preschoolers on, you can check out the Fly Guy series.

Some of the Fly Guy books we’ve read so far


Hi! Fly Guy



Fly Guy also has a range of non-fiction books, although I only managed to get my hands on Fly Guy Presents: Space, which was perfect for Noah, since he’s been into space recently. He has memorised the sequence of planets already, and I hope to do some space-related activities with him during the March holidays.

Fly Guy Presents: Space is a Scholastic Reader Level 2 book, suitable for young, independent readers, and the more difficult and technical words have a pronunciation guide in brackets next to them, so that the children can learn to pronounce them on their own. The information presented isn’t too complicated either, and I think the book presents a rather good overview of the topic.

Fly Guy Presents: Space / A Pet for Fly Guy


Fly Guy Presents: Space



Flipping through ‘Fly Guy Presents: Space’


PS. There are many lists of chapter books for various age groups and categories available on this website, so do check it out if you’re looking for book suggestions for your kids!

Happy reading!

Buy the Book Hi! Fly Guy on Amazon Hi! Fly Guy on Book Depository Fly Guy Presents: Space on Amazon Fly Guy Presents: Space on Book Depository A Pet for Fly Guy on Amazon A Pet for Fly Guy on Book Depository

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