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Friday Flips #41: I’m Here & Rose’s Garden

Because we enjoyed The Dot and Sky Colour so much, I borrowed another two of Peter H. Reynold’s books from the library.

I’m Here is a beautiful book, written from the perspective of a young child with autism. Honestly, although it’s meant for children with autism, I feel that the general theme applies to all children in general. In every class that I’ve taught in, I’ve seen at least one or two kids who just either prefer to be alone, or have difficulties forming proper friendships, at least during the initial few weeks. And yet, somehow, not all of these children are ostracised, and they somehow manage to find another friend who can get along with them. Some of them appear to be the most unlikely of friendships, at least in the eyes of us adults, but the kids “click”, and that’s all that matters.

We enjoyed the short but meaningful text, as well as the simple illustrations. I don’t think Noah gets what the book is about, but he does love the paper plane made by the boy, and how it soars up in the sky, only to land at the feet of a new friend. I guess friendship is about meeting someone at the right place, at the right time, and isn’t something that can be forced.

I’m Here





Rose’s Garden is actually dedicated to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, the namesake of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway: a series of gardens, plazas, and tree-lined promenades. The book showcases how Rose travels the world, collecting various seeds along the way, before deciding to settle down in a place where she thinks requires some colour. It is a lesson in patience and faith, and I found it absolutely heartwarming when the children came with their own handmade paper flowers, to fill up Rose’s Garden that appeared to be empty. To me, her garden is like a melting pot that accepted seeds and paper flowers from all over the world, creating a beautiful garden and home for all of them.

Rose’s Garden





Both these books are written simply enough for young children to understand, and the illustrations are simple, yet appealing to people of all ages, including adults. The stories are deceptively simple, and carry beautiful messages that cross age and cultural boundaries.

What are your favourite books by Peter Reynolds? Do share them with us!

Happy reading!

Buy the Book I’m Here on Amazon I’m Here on Book Depository Rose’s Garden on Amazon Rose’s Garden on Book Depository

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