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Friday Flips #35: Elephant & Piggie Books

Mo Willems is a best-selling author and illustrator, and I’m sure many of you have come across his books before. His Elephant & Piggie books are really cute, and we’ve been hooked on them since I bought We Are in a Book! for Noah a while ago.

I like reading interactive books to Noah, because he gets so involved and tickled by the characters. He actively responds to their questions and requests, and laughs at their antics, no matter how many times we’ve read the book together. He loves Elephant and Piggie, which is no surprise, because they are so adorable together. Elephant aka Gerald is like the overly-careful and slightly pessimistic friend that we all have, while Piggie is the carefree, happy-go-lucky one, who drives Gerald a little nuts, but is the perfect companion for him.

We Are in a Book! is similar to The Book with No Pictures, with the two characters breaking the fourth wall, and talking directly to the reader. It’s quite funny really, seeing how they become conscious of being watched, and then get the reader to say “banana”, which for some reason, is hilarious to both the characters AND Noah, who now collapses into giggles when we say the word “banana”. Gerald later gets upset when Piggie tells him that the book will end, and they conspire to prevent that from happening, by asking the reader to read the book again. Noah will smile and agree each time, but C and I don’t always read it again, because it’s like a never-ending cycle!

Reading ‘We Are in a Book!’


We Are in a Book!






Waiting is Not Easy is about how Gerald learns to wait for the surprise that Piggie has for him, and Noah was particularly tickled by Gerald groaning whenever he got impatient. I borrowed this book for Noah because I’ve been trying to teach him to be more patient, and what better way than to read him a book about waiting, right? WRONG. These days, whenever I ask Noah to hurry up, he looks at me and says solemnly, “Wait, mummy. Be patient. Waiting is not easy.” My brilliant idea has backfired spectacularly on me, since I can’t exactly contradict him. Parents, consider yourselves warned before you get this book for your kids!

Waiting is Not Easy






I’m a Frog! illustrates the power of one’s imagination, as Piggie demonstrates how she (yes, Piggie’s a girl! I learnt that in Should I Share my Ice Cream?) becomes a frog in mere seconds, just by pretending. I believe that children should be encouraged to exercise their creativity through pretend play, so this book is somewhat suitable for teaching children that it’s okay to pretend sometimes. I loved how Gerald starts off by being seemingly appalled by Piggie pretending to be a frog, and ends up pretending to be a cow himself. Noah has been engaging in pretend play for a while now, and sometimes, when I get a little confused by what he’s saying, he tells me reassuringly that “it’s just pretend, mummy”.

I’m a Frog!





I like the Elephant & Piggie series of books quite a bit because many of them touch on issues that young children can relate to, such as waiting, pretend play, making friends, and sharing. We’ve enjoyed every single one of the Elephant & Piggie books that we’ve read so far, and I hope you and your children will like them too. I’ve included an extra two titles below because I find them useful for helping children learn how to care for their friends. The books aren’t preachy in any way, and the life lessons are imparted in a lighthearted and humorous manner, which young children can definitely appreciate better.

My Friend is Sad / Should I Share my Ice Cream?


Happy reading!

Buy the Book We Are in a Book! on Amazon We Are in a Book! on Book Depository Waiting is Not Easy on Amazon Waiting is Not Easy on Book Depository I’m a Frog! on Amazon I’m a Frog! on Book Depository My Friend is Sad on Amazon My Friend is Sad on Book Depository Should I Share my Ice Cream? on Amazon Should I Share my Ice Cream? on Book Depository

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