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Friday Flips #32: Carnivores

Noah likes asking us what kinds of food various animals eat, and often wants to know why some of them eat only meat, while others only eat plants. Doesn’t seem quite fair, when we tell him that he has to eat a mix of both vegetables and meat! I’ve explained the concept of carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores to him before, so when I saw ‘Carnivores’ at the library, I thought it would be a good read for him.



I was quite tickled by how the author made the carnivores out to be “victims” initially, when they were ostracised for eating the other animals’ relatives. So poor thing right, nobody wants to play with you, just because you ate their relatives… Haha. I loved how the carnivores then formed a support group (because you know, they have feelings too), and tried to come up with ways to stop eating meat, so that the other animals would stop being mean to them. It reminded me of the sharks in Finding Nemo, and their mantra, “Fish are friends, not food”!

In the end, the carnivores consult the oldest and wisest carnivore they knew, the great horned owl, who dishes out some sound advice to them, and inadvertently gives them the green light to eat him. Goes to show that carnivores just need to get over their sensitivities and be who they’re made to be!

Poor, misunderstood shark


“When in doubt, hug it out!”


“I’m not bad. I’m a carnivore. Eating meat is what I do.”


“I’ll eat you up if you give me a nasty look!”


Noah enjoyed the beautiful illustrations, and would spend time poring over each page, looking at the animals and their expressions, and asking me why some of them didn’t look happy. He also wanted to know why the shark had to wear a special diving helmet, so I took the opportunity to talk to him a little about how some animals could only breathe underwater.

The text is rather short, which made the book easy to read, although I think Noah didn’t get some of the humour in the text. I think this might be a more entertaining read for children aged 5 and above, who should be able to appreciate the witticism of this book, but younger kids can still enjoy the detailed illustrations, and learn about carnivores at the same time.

Happy reading!

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