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Friday Flips #29: Disney Read-Along Books and CDs

I don’t know why it took us so long, but we have only recently discovered the joy of read-along books and CDs. We usually listen to the radio in the car, but these days, we’ve been making very good use of the CDs that come with these read-along books. To be perfectly honest, we’re kinda tired of hearing the same stories over and over again, but Noah absolutely loves them, so the current arrangement is that he can listen to the CDs when he’s with mummy, but we switch to the radio when daddy drives.

So far, we’ve only gotten a couple of these read-along books with CDs, and I love that the narrators tell the stories so well. They are extremely animated, and obviously do a much better job than me, so I’m more than happy to let Noah listen to the CDs. There are exciting sound effects, and best of all, the books feature the original character voices from the movie.

At the moment, I don’t usually give Noah the books to “read” while he’s listening to the CDs, as he doesn’t know how to read yet, but I think I’ll probably let him have the books in the car more often, since he’s been quoting bits of the books when he plays at home. It might also be good for him, since the CDs play a signal at the end of every page, cueing him to turn the page.

If you’re a fan of Disney productions, there is a huge selection available. So far, we have the Fly-and-Drive book, which contains the two Cars books and the first Planes book, Finding Nemo, Inside Out, as well as Planes: Fire and Rescue. I’m already eyeing quite a few of the other titles, because they are so well-narrated and engaging. I must warn you though that the stories are based on the movies, so unless you don’t mind spoilers, don’t listen to the CDs before you’ve watched the movies!

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the books, for those of you who might be interested. They’re rather wordy, but I guess it’s inevitable, since the entire movie is condensed into the book! The illustrations are simply beautiful, but then again, you wouldn’t expect anything less from Disney, would you? Apart from the Fly-and-Drive book, all the books pictured are paperbacks, and can be easily slipped into the back pockets of the car seats.

Inside Out




Finding Nemo




Planes: Fire and Rescue




Fly-and-Drive Read-Along Storybook (Hardcover)


This last book isn’t part of the Disney series, but I’m adding it to this post because the original seven Curious George stories are quite lengthy, and it’s easier to “outsource” the reading to the CDs, if your child is a fan of Curious George.

The Complete Adventures of Curious George


Even if you don’t drive, these books and CDs will make a great addition to your book collection, as your children can listen to the CDs at home, instead of watching the movies. I’ve included the links to some of the other popular titles, such as Frozen, so do check them out.

Happy reading (and listening)!

Buy the Book Inside Out on Amazon Inside Out on Book Depository Finding Nemo on Amazon Finding Nemo on Book Depository Planes: Fire and Rescue on Amazon Planes: Fire and Rescue on Book Depository Fly-and-Drive Read-Along on Amazon Fly-and-Drive Read-Along on Book Depository The Complete Adventures of Curious George on Amazon The Complete Adventures of Curious George on Book Depository Frozen on Amazon Frozen Fever on Amazon Monsters, Inc. on Amazon Cars on Amazon Cars 2 on Amazon Planes on Amazon Toy Story on Amazon Sofia the First on Amazon

Check out the previous Friday Flips posts HERE. I’ve also created a photo album on Facebook with some other good reads, and will be updating it whenever I come across more books that we enjoy. Do pop by for a look HERE.

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