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Friday Flips #21: Books to Prepare Children for their Dental Check-Ups

We brought Noah for his first ever dental check-up last week, and some of our friends have been asking what we did to prepare him for it, since he handled it like a boss, and didn’t even flinch when the dentist cleaned his teeth. #proudmama One of the things we did was to read some dental/dentist-related books with him, and I honestly think that helped, because he would talk about the characters and what they did at the dentist’s, so he sort of knew what to expect when it was his turn.

Noah recently developed an interest in Peppa Pig, though we’re not too sure how to feel about that, since the characters don’t exactly model the right values. Anyway, I found this Peppa Pig: Dentist Trip book, and got it for Noah. (There’s one grammatical error in the book, which really bothers me, but since Noah can’t read yet, I guess it doesn’t really make a difference at the moment.) Noah was most amused when George’s dinosaur had to get its teeth cleaned as well, and giggles whenever I read the bits where the characters have to gargle and spit. However, I did notice that he made more of an effort to spit out the water when he brushes his teeth, as he used to swallow the water quite a bit last time.

Peppa Pig: Dentist Trip





I’ve actually never read a Maisy book before, but I’ve heard of it, and figured there was no harm in trying it. Although this book was about Charley and his wobbly tooth, I thought it did a relatively good job in showing that the dentist’s is not a scary place. It also touched a little on the importance of brushing one’s teeth properly, and I took the opportunity to remind Noah that he has to brush his teeth more thoroughly, instead of just trying to eat the toothpaste.

Maisy, Charley, and the Wobbly Tooth






I didn’t expect Noah to be interested in Open Wide: Tooth School Inside, and was surprised that it was his favourite book among the three. He would pick it out from his bookshelf on his own, and flip through it quietly, before asking me to read it to him. I don’t read every single word of course, as it’s too wordy for a three-year-old, and he wouldn’t get most of the jokes anyway. There are plenty of detailed illustrations and hilarious captions in the book, which older children will appreciate. There’s also a short section on the baby teeth and the Tooth Fairy, which kids who are on the verge of losing their first teeth might find interesting.

For some reason, Noah likes checking out the pictures of the teeth having recess, where they were divided into different groups to eat, and when they were allowed to go to the playground. He was suitably appalled at the picture of the rotten teeth, and was rather bothered to see that the beaver’s tooth was broken. Of course, I tried to scare him a little by telling him that his teeth would look like that disgusting picture if he doesn’t brush his teeth properly, and that his teeth would break too, if he isn’t careful when he runs around. I also told him that he had to allow the dentist to check and clean his teeth, so that he wouldn’t have worms in his teeth, and he very solemnly agreed with me.

Open Wide: Tooth School Inside







Quiz Time!


Examining what rotten teeth look like


Checking out what teeth eat


They’re at the playground now!


Oh no! His tooth is broken!


Showing me his teeth


There are plenty of other dental/dentist-related books available, but these were the three we used. Hope you’ll find them helpful when you want to introduce the idea of going for a dental check-up to your kiddos!

Happy reading!

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