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Friday Flips #17: This Book Just Ate My Dog!

A friend of mine gifted Noah with this book for Christmas, and I loved how cute it was. Interactive books are a great way to capture a young reader’s attention, and it helps if the illustrations are cute too, so this book is pretty good for preschoolers.

I was pretty amused by the title of the book, and was curious to find out how the book could actually eat Bella’s dog. Noah was also really intrigued by the book, and the first time we read the book, he was honestly surprised when Bella’s dog disappeared! I thought it was quite funny that he actually peered in between the two pages, to see where the dog was.

Basically, the author/illustrator makes clever use of the physical structure of the book to create this adorable book. Bella, the protagonist, takes her dog out on what seems like a perfectly normal walk, but it disappears into the middle of the book. Help arrives in the form of her friend Ben, as well as various emergency vehicles, but they are all “eaten up” by the insatiable book. Bella then decides to take matters into her own hands, and jumps right into the middle, to try and get everyone out. In the end, we the readers are called into action, to turn the book on its side and shake vigorously, so that all the characters can be rescued from the greedy book.

Noah enjoys interactive books, so when I got to the part where Bella requests for help in shaking the book, he was very enthusiastic about it, and seemed rather pleased with himself when the characters all tumbled out after that. I love that there are books which can create such a fun experience, not just with one’s imagination, but also through explicit interaction!

This Book Just Ate My Dog!






Busy shaking the book



I thought that Noah would get tired of reading this book, since it’s rather simple, but he still takes it out from the bookshelf on occasion, and requests that I read it to him. That always makes me happy, as I’m glad he appreciates his books, and doesn’t tire of them easily. I think it helps that the illustrations are really cute, and I’m planning to hunt for more of Richard Byrne’s books in the library soon.

Happy reading!

PS. If your child is into interactive books too, you can check out my posts on Tap to Play!, Herve Tullet books, and Don’t Push the Button for more similar books.

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