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Friday Flips #15: Books by Leo Lionni

I found some Leo Lionni books at My Greatest Child, a bookshop in City Square Mall, and bought two for Noah. (Yes, I am a serious book addict, and cannot resist buying books. I used to buy them for myself, but these days, all my book shopping is done for Noah. It’s a good thing he loves books, or I’d be really sad!)

Noah knows his colours pretty well by now, but he still hasn’t quite figured out how to mix certain colours to get a different colour. Wait, scratch that. He knows how to mix every possible colour on his paint palette together to get brown, but he doesn’t really know that blue and yellow = green. I’ve read Mix it Up to him previously, and thought that he would have gotten the idea, but nooooo. He insists on mixing everything together all the time, rather than specific colours, and it drives me absolutely nuts, but I digress. *ahem*

Little Blue and Little Yellow is about these two colours who are the best of friends, and who end up becoming green because they hugged each other too tightly. It didn’t really matter to them because they could continue playing together, but when they got home, their parents couldn’t recognise them, and they had nowhere to go. The poor little colours were so sad that they cried themselves into two separate colours again, and *spoiler alert* were welcomed home by their parents. Now, some cynical adults might wonder why papa and mama blue didn’t realise that the two little colours had merged to form green, but sometimes, adults can be oblivious to answers that are staring us right in the face, right?

Little Blue and Little Yellow





A Colour of His Own is a rather touching story, about a chameleon who goes in search of his own colour/identity, and finds a kind, older chameleon who offers to stay with him, so that he will always have someone around who looks exactly like him. I have yet to spot a chameleon to show Noah what it is, but I’m sure he will be quite excited when he finally gets to see one. The story also teaches children about the different colour changes that leaves go through with each season, which is something that we don’t really get to see in Singapore, since we don’t have the four seasons. The trees do shed their leaves here, and perhaps I’ll point them out to Noah when we go on our walks in the park soon.

A Colour of His Own





Both books are really easy to read, with very little text on each page, making it easy for younger children with shorter attention spans. The illustrations in Little Blue and Little Yellow are very simple, and I’m thinking of recreating it with Noah, so that he can have a go at mixing another colour apart from brown. I liked the illustrations in A Colour of His Own, especially when the chameleon stands on the tiger, and when both chameleons change colours together, and I think they appeal to the children as well. Noah was quite funny when we read A Colour of His Own, because he kept placing his hand on the tiger, and checking to see if his palm would change colours, like the chameleon. Haha.

Ready to read his new bedtime storybooks


Following little green through the tunnel


Touching the chameleon’s tail


Trying to get his hand to change colours like the chameleon


I’m pretty happy with these two books, and plan to go back for more soon, as the other titles look rather interesting too. Have you read any other Leo Lionni books? Which ones would you recommend?

Happy reading!

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on Amazon A Colour of His Own on Book Depository

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