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Friday Flips #13: Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

Like many boys, Noah is really into all sorts of vehicles, which I’m sure you can tell, since many of the books that I’ve shared are vehicle-related! I can’t even remember how we came to own our copy of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, but it’s one of our favourite bedtime stories for sure.

Being completely clueless about construction vehicles, I now know what the main ones are called, thanks to this book. The different parts of the construction vehicles are named, such as the boom of the crane truck, the drum of the cement mixer, and the tracks of the excavator, so young children (and their parents) can learn about them as well.

The rhymes in the book provide a natural cadence, so the lines flow smoothly, and make the story very easy to read. I’m a huge fan of rhymes and repetition in children’s stories, and this book has both. Noah is able to complete most of the sentences easily, and happily recites the line, “Goodnight, [name of construction vehicle], goodnight.” when we come across it.

The illustrations are simply beautiful, with great attention to detail. I like that the construction vehicles look rather cute and friendly, and Noah especially loves how the crane truck hugs a little teddy bear to sleep. He never fails to point it out to me when we get to that page, and beams happily as he tells me, “Look! He’s hugging the bear!”

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site



Don’t you just love the illustrations?





“Look! He’s hugging the bear!”


“Hey! Pipe down!”


If you have a vehicle-loving child, this is one book that you should definitely purchase, as it makes a lovely addition to your personal library. We’ve read it tons of times, but Noah doesn’t seem to be tired of it at all, and frequently picks it out of his collection to read, either on his own, or with us.

Happy reading!

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